A Conversation between Tara Brach and Elizabeth Lesser

Tara Brach


Elizabeth. We are so delighted to have you with us. Thank you thank you thanks. It's a pleasure thank you. Hello everybody from all over the place. It's lovely to be with you. Yes i wanna jump right in to do your new book because i fall. We get grabbed by the tidal. Cassandra speaks can you just have to come up with that title. Who is cassandra. Let's just start writing with that. Well i've always loved mythology and religious texts. You know. I just love reading whether it's the bible or the koran or the buddhist texts or the hindu texts. I've just always just because humans learn through stories. that's how we learn. So i've been fascinated with stories and i didn't take me long to notice even way back in college that wow most of the books we love. Heroes tales the parables the myths they're written untold by men because back in the day. Ps also a lot now. The storytellers were men. And there's nothing wrong. With the stories. Men tell and the values men tell their stories from but a big swath of humanity was left out of the storytelling so when packing Reading reinterpreting everything. From adam and eve to chinese stories to the greek myths and as i was writing and i was writing about one of the greek town. The tale of cassandra we were in the midst of the metoo movement. Now i know that seems maybe like ancient history. Now we've all been through so much but really it was just like a year and a half ago and one night. I was watching television on. I was watching the televised trial of those young girls who had been molested by their doctor. Dr larry nassar and the judge in rare way of dealing with the trial. First of all allowed it to be televised and allowed one hundred twenty five girls to tell their story in front of the cameras with dr nassar sitting there and for years and years thirty years he'd been at it for years and years. These young women most of whom were olympic athletes had told their mothers had told their parents had told their coaches that college coaches the us olympic team coaches. They've told them that this man had been molesting them but no one believed them. And i was reading the story of cassandra. At the time. Cassandra was a princess. She was the most beautiful princess of the king of troy and troy was an ancient city. That was often at war with greece and she was so beautiful in lowering all the men wanted to marry her including the gods apollo. The son of zeus wanted to marry her. Zeus wanted to marry her and apollo offered her a gift. The gift of being clairvoyant. That she could be able to see into the future. She would see what was going to happen to her family. And her countrymen and her world and she wanted that She's very spiritual person she she wanted to be able to see into understand so she accepted the gift but he neglected to say that she would have to have sex with him right away after she got the gift but she didn't want to and he was furious so as the story goes he spat in her mouth in put a curse on her. Cassandra you will be clervoy int- but no one will believe you. And for years. She saw what was coming. She saw the war. She saw the trojan horse. She saw her brother's all dead. She saw her city in ruins and she would say it but no one would believe her. So as i was watching these young women. I thought they are cassandra's. They are telling their truth their experience but this time they're being believed and i thought that's what i want this book to be about changing the way the old story ends so it doesn't end with women not being heard women not being believed so that we had meant to who knows their inner feminine. So that finally. We respect that part of ourselves so deeply. It's really this part. That i was leading in the meditation and we get so much clout in musculature. That are stories begin to matter an actually change what it means to be human

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