563: macOS Big Sur - burst 02

Mac Power Users


A second wind. You know between what we talked about last week with a new apple silicon and the new you know look of big sur which is good and bad. I mean we've got a lot of things we like and a few things we don't and i just think that people are going to look back on this year as you know. Nobody's talking now about. How apple's abandoning the mac right now right. That was true of years ago. Yeah i mean that you know they even started the year with things. Like the mac pro shipping. They've really been on their game. With the mac. And i think you're totally right that that story. That was around two three four years ago about that that hey the mac feels forgotten a little bit. I think that's squarely in the past. You know but on the other side apple has opened a lot of new chapters. This year with the mac they still have to deliver on apple silicon across the rest of the line. They still have to deliver and all the software changes and so they've they've put a lot more on the plate in some ways. But i like we said last week is a good time to be a computer nerd. I'm excited

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