NBC's free streaming service Peacock hopes to cut through subscription fatigue


Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as Matt Melanie and Matt Peacock, which is the streaming offering from NBC? Universal and comcast is coming online next week. You know people made fun of Peacock in the industry. People were like Oh. Peacock is so late and peacock is so behind, and peacock is going to be free and Haha that's funny and I have to. To I'M GONNA treat myself not for one minute that I think that was funny. I thought that is sensible logical, and it will be a standout in this crowded field, and I kind of feel like I'm right now a lot of people. I think also were thinking that I was right. We'll see, but there is definitely what what comcast calls subscription, fatigue and I agree. Agree there is a feeling in the consumer world that there's all these subscription television services that are pitching themselves as Netflix's alternatives or or Netflix's for X., or you know you gotta get this upgrade to HBO and get HBO. Max and they all cost money. And if you look at the advertising associated with peacock there hammering home, the fact that this is free, if you. You want a free alternative to those other guys. This is for you and there's some pretty good stuff. I mean there's thirty rock. There's law and order. There's movies from NBC Universal You. Know they've got decent stuff on there. And they're looking for that casual TV viewer, who is migrating away from the cable universe, cutting the cord and looking for something they can kind of. And they don't necessarily need the latest greatest game of thrones that that. The premium subscribers looking for I wouldn't use game of thrones, because that they would need but other things they don't necessarily need, and they don't want to find it and I know people in the industry. For example, it still haven't figured out how to get HBO Max and it all just feels confusing, and and they can't deal with it and so this thing that being free and And the casual viewer that's definitely does appeal to me. You know if I had a long day. I WanNa, Watch something short easy, familiar and free, but you can also pay if if you don't have comcast us as your cable provider, or if you don't have a an access to it that way, you can pay five dollars a month and if you wanted to be ad, free? Free you can pay ten dollars a month and I will note that both of those prices are cheaper than an HBO subscription. So that is an option that I. Think is the people will want to look at meanwhile. Disney plus dropped Hamilton. They've needed something. They haven't had anything that really appeals to older people, or you know not not little kids for a long time they had a huge jump in people downloading their APP over that Hamilton weekend. Whether Hamilton really helps Disney right now remains to be seen, but I think the buzz around. It can't hurt no definitely not, and that's why they moved up the theatrical release, which was not supposed to be till twenty twenty one and put it on the service over the July fourth weekend they. They need a positive narrative right now Disney. Because this next earnings, call is going to be brutal. They have zero revenue from the theme. Parks Pin is just in free fall without sports. They have no movies in theaters because there aren't any theatres they need something. And now they have these Hamilton numbers that they'll be able to reveal and I've seen a lot of people speculating about. About. How Big Hamilton is going to be on Disney pleasant? How many people are just going to subscribe for that? I think those numbers are going to be big but I think there are a little bit skewed in the discussion by the fact, that Hamilton is a media phenomenon and everybody on social media in the media world to talk about it. Ad Nauseam so I'm not sure. Sure exactly how big it's going to be. I think you may disagree with me a little bit on that I just feel like you know reminds me of Hbo had things like the Sopranos and everybody was talking about it and you say well. It's in a bubble, and it's the media, elites, or whatever, but the truth is that seeps out in gives the gives the product A. A bit of a sheen a feeling that you kind of made me want to be a part of that and want to watch what they have. The the issue is coming. Follow it up with anything and I don't know we'll see. Thank you matt. Thank

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