When a myth becomes a mystery


Owls Welcome to kids Miss Mysteries! I'm your host kid crumb today. When a myth becomes mystery for today's Podcast, I decided to begin with the definition of terms I started with myth I went to my webster dictionary and came away with the following a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of people, explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings events, next I locked up mystery something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain I needed a local place or event that fit both definitions and had more from myth to mystery, and decided on Mount, Shasta California Shasta a dorm volcano located at the southern end of the cascade range in Siskiyou. County. California is has erupted approximately. Approximately every eight hundred years for the past ten thousand years and vulcanologists will tell you it is overdue. It has seven glaciers, three small glaciers on the southern flank for the larger ones are located on the north and east flanks for those who live next to the volcano, especially on the north side in the Lake Shasta area remnant from the last eruption are easily visible, ranging from lava tubes amounts left by cry, pyroclastic flows Labra Shasta is an incredible site and occupies the lands of four native American tribes. The earliest myth was that the great spirit Scowl came down from the heavens and fought with the spirit of mountain. Ussamma known today as Crater Lake. Indeed this is how the ancient. Ancient people of the area explained volcanic activity for years. It was believed that Shasta contain sacred healing waters during the eighteen eighties, teenage psychic rhetoric Spencer Oliver who lived in the nearby town of White. Rica wrote a book a dweller on two planets. It was published by his mother in nineteen five six years after his death. It was among the pages of that book. That young Oliver, mentioned the many tunnels and chambers in and Beneath Shasta some will tell you that the publication of dweller onto planets was went. Myth turned to mystery for Mount, Shasta, remember now that myth is a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of people or explaining some natural, a social phenomenon, typically involving supernatural. Supernatural beings or events and mystery is something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain tunnels and chambers below Shasta is certainly hard to explain it and qualify as a mystery but Oliver, and perhaps hundreds of other authors claim that these chambers are occupied by the survivors of Atlantis still others describe Americans remnants of a lost civilization as the occupants who occasionally wander into the town of Shasta city to trade gold for supplies. Any locals of the area described little men from Shasta that only come out at night, wandering the surrounding woods collected herbal edibles Shasta has been variously described as a doorway to another dimension. I hidden UFO base, a time warp and containing a black hole, still malkin. will explain that CHASTA's Bass. Lava tunnels are filled with molten rock at it is the fifth most likely of all knows the United States to erupt next so there you have it. Mount Shasta Crate example of a myth that's turned into a

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