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Professional educators is also criticizing the state's plan. Governor Greg Abbott is signaling he will not support the city of Austin as it asked for more power and possibly ordering another shutdown. The governor tells Fox seven. He thinks that the city is not doing enough right now with the powers it has. That's because we've seen absolute Lutely no effort whatsoever by the Austin mayor to enforce all of these rules that have been imposed. The U. S is now formally withdrawing from the World Health Organization. President Trump has repeatedly criticized the World Health Organization for their close ties with China, and now he has officially pulled the United States out of the group. This was confirmed by a U. N spokesperson that said the U. S. Notified the governing body on Monday off its intention to withdraw from the W. H O on July 6 of 2021. Under current agreements, the U. S is required to provide a one year notice. The Trump Administration will also be required to pay nearly $200 million in unpaid membership dues Back in May, President Trump accused the W H o of misleading the world about the origins and timeline off the Corona virus outbreak. President Trump's withdrawal decision already is receiving strong pushback. I'm his political opponents, including former Vice President Joe Biden. 7

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