Even if you can contract away your First Amendment rights, like Mary Trump did,



She alleges that they defrauded her. About the trump family finances. Wouldn't you have a discovery process in which he would have tto have public disclosures that are extensive about the trump family finances, which would seem to be what Donald Trump and his brother Robert, would like to avoid. Well, that's certainly what she would be seeking. Robert Trump would be arguing. That that doesn't matter, though, because of the clause in the contract. All those issues are irrelevant in this court shouldn't allow discovery into it should be arguing the contrary. But, you know, I question whether Trump really intended any of this to be something that actually results in ongoing litigation because it's very much Against the interests of the Trump family. It may be more sort of a quick hit and run, hoping to disrupt the publication, hoping to get the benefits of Ah, you know the publicity and the pandering to the base that comes from the lawsuit, as opposed to really wanting or intending to litigate in the long term. But how does this serve the president's political interests at all? I mean, the lawsuit only brings more attention to the book, and you can say, you know, they tried to stop you from reading this book, which makes people more attempted to read it. And it's not. I mean, I understand wanting to pick public fights with John Bolton, who was a political figure and being able to argue that you know, the deep state swamp is against the president of blah, blah, blah. But Mary Trump is just the president's niece. I don't I don't understand at all how the president gets a PR benefit. From a lawsuit against Mary Trump. That is not actually likely to succeed at stopping this book. Well, I mean, I don't know that it gets a PR benefit from anyone who isn't already extremely strongly inclined to support the president. I think, ah that people who already support the president are Very happy to see Ah, Mary Trump and Simon and Schuster and the courts and anyone else defying the president to be the enemy, and this just makes them feel even more that way. But Josh E mean, it's a strategy. I didn't say it was a smart strategy. So I I concur that the the primary effect seems to be Ah, no. The Streisand effects that that the attempting to suppress speech tends to draw more attention to it, And ah natural impact of this is to improve Mary trumps book sales and to draw a lot more attention to her allegations. The Supreme Court, we learned will take up in its next term. The case about the Mueller grand jury materials. This was where Congress or or a body of Congress wanted to see grand jury material that ordinarily would not be subject to public release. These materials can be released pursuant to a judicial proceeding. And so I guess that there are two questions in this case. One is is impeachment, a judicial proceeding. And the second is is Congress engaged in impeachment? Because I mean they've still been seeking these materials even after the impeachment was over. One of the arguments that House Democrats had to make in court was that they might impeach the president again. On. But that was a reason why they had a legally valid purpose to obtain these materials. Yes, so that's that's been the struggle since the beginning of this particular case. Me and you know, the result of this, of course, is that the grand jury materials are not going to get to Congress. Almost certainly not before the election. It would be very unusual for the case to be briefed, heard and decided before the election in November s O. The question is whether the two other cases before the Supreme Court About Trump will shedding light on the outcome in that one and sort of point the way to what we can expect. But the bottom line is that means that the grand jury materials don't see the light of day. Before the election. Not that they necessarily would have. I mean, the only way I think they legitimately would have is if they were

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