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9000 new cases in 24 hours. Florida confirmed 120 new death. Its highest total Yet today, Texas Governor Greg Abbot ordered hospitals in more than 100 counties to postpone elective surgeries. Medical director of a Houston hospital predicts his city will soon resemble New York during its peak because people got careless during the fourth of July of people did not listen. A lot of people went out on More like you and not. We're going to see those patients come into the hospital over the next two weeks in hard hit areas, lines that testing centers are getting longer and the results more concerning many infected people are waiting longer to find out the results. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance bottoms tweeted. It took her family eight days. If we had known sooner, we would've immediately quarantine boxes Jonathan Serrie vice president Joe Biden at a campaign event in Pennsylvania, saying President Trump has done nothing for working families promised healthcare

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