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I'm Deborah Rodriguez Tuesday begins with another milestone in the Corona virus pandemic. More than 130,000 Americans have now died from the virus. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has rolled back re openings and shutdown. Dining inside restaurants are percent positive. Has gone from 5% in mid May. 2 20%. The country's top infectious disease expert is characterizing the surge. Dr Anthony Fauci has words of caution were still knee deep in the first wave of this and felt she is still very concerned about the rise in the number of cases in the US was in a period of a week and 1/2. We've almost doubled the number of cases and some of the blame, Fauci says, must be placed on public officials who allowed re openings to take place too soon. Steve Futterman. CBS NEWS Atlanta Marrakech, A lance bottoms and her husband have tested positive. She tells CNN. We then all the things that we thought we should do, and for us to still test positive. I think really speaks to how easily this virus is spread. And obviously none of us are immune from it exactly Who's gotten money from the Paycheck Protection program to help small businesses. Kanye West For one, the Trump Administration's released names of borrowers the rapper received as much as $5 million. For his easy clothing line. Other recipients include businesses owned by members of Congress. Chains like Ruth's Chris P. F. Chang's and the Lakers won persons under arrest. But Chicago police are still looking for three alleged accomplices in the death of a little girl playing outside her grandmother's house during 1/4 of July party. Chief of detectives, Brennan, Dina Hand, take some ownership in the decisions you made. Come on in, Turn yourself in and admit that you killed a seven year old child, Italian Wallace, one of at least six Children who lost their lives across the country to holiday violence. She made headlines on Memorial Day Now Amy Cooper, the white woman who called 901 after a black man birdwatcher asked her to put her dog on a leash is facing legal trouble. CBS is Bill rake off the district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr said in a statement at his office in charge Cooper with falsely reporting the confrontation, it's a misdemeanor. She was ordered to appear in court. October 14th. This is Blackout Day. It's a protest designed to show how much business depends on the economic power of black Americans. They're encouraged to shop on Lee at businesses owned by black people. Today, Dow Futures are down 266 S and P futures off 24. This is CBS News. Good

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