Scientists believe cannabis could help prevent, treat coronavirus

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Team of Canadian scientists believes it is found strong strains of cannabis that could prevent or treat corona virus infections. Wow, researchers from the University of Lethridge. Says a study shows at least thirteen cannabis plants are high in. That appeared to affect the pathways. That bug uses to access the body. Okay, now that you know this, will you partake in even more cannabis than you already do in an effort to fight off the corona virus well, I would welcome those scientists to make a recommendation. It's like it's like a wine menu. Hey try the BUBBA og. They say quote. We were totally stunned. At first then we were really happy. Which? Sense I certainly doing well. And I don't. I can't tell you that it is necessarily weed or cannabis, as I like to call it when I being professional bought. I do have a variety of different. Flavors strains of cannabis that I that I do use and maybe you know maybe my purple Kush is what is keeping me safe from corona virus. I think that's what your role with one more quote from the scientists quote, our work could have a huge influence. There aren't many drugs that have the potential of reducing infection by seventy eighty percent. Wow! He told the Calgary Herald so your nightly. Cannabis intake may actually be helping you fight off the virus

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