Governor Abbott deploys state resources to aid Texas cities, including Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio with ongoing protests


Governor Greg Abbott is sent over fifteen hundred DPS officers to help local police in Dallas Austin San Antonio and Houston and during the protests that are continuing against the death by police action in Minneapolis cities in the state of Texas such as Houston last night had over a hundred and thirty protesters were arrested in Houston police were injured and property was destroyed Houston police chief art are Sebadoh Acevedo doesn't want any more of this it is putting action behind his words as of today we are and not full mobilization which means the entire department is working twelve hours on twelve hours off all members of the department will be in uniform and all members will be deployed out in the streets mayor Sylvester Turner is emphasizing that into the streets includes all of Houston's streets leading in Dallas's city leaders there are calling for calm after a night of rioting mayor Eric Johnson ease pleading with protesters to remain peaceful after a night of looting and vandalism those who may be looking to take advantage of our community in these precedent to difficult times you need to stay at home many businesses in downtown Dallas were damaged and a police cruiser was set on fire

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