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Joe Biden, Minnesota And Minneapolis discussed on WIBC Programming


Governor Tom wolf those sleepy Joe right it's gonna relax the bell system cell movement system is very you know he's in his basement systems comfortable doesn't think you know the microphone to pick up on something like that or stop work on roads and bridges so and it just kind of slid out of there too because when you get older sometimes use move a certain way in those things fly out of there everybody said that one ground ball who had casual farts from time to time here's one thing I want to say I mean you you mentioned Joe Biden and switching gears one thing I want to bring back around full circle to what's going on in Minnesota right now Minneapolis is that Joe Biden is going to use this as a political tool see how can you be black and vote for Donald Trump after watching the video after which he said he's going to blame trump for the quote unquote sentiment of this country just get ready for it and if he's smart right now he's going to be nominating a an African American vice president vice presidential candidate the time to do that is now you wait he's going to seize this opportunity I want to go back to the farm now there's no way that that was going to be the governor of Pennsylvania that sounded way too old way to solve that sounded like a Werther's original Matlock loving far right there I'm a guy that understands a good fart when I hear it that's Joe by if you could tell the age of a person just by the the sound of the wind coming out of their pants that's true talent I think that's why super skill high big breasts you played me a sound mind I can tell you exactly how old they are if they're a man or woman which takes us into great moments in a farting history who could forget Eric Swalwell he was running for the presidency at the time he had a big interview on MSNBC take a listen.

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