Ep. 3,059: UFC 250 recap, Conor McGregor retires (again), where does Sean OMalley go from here, more - burst 04

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Is not fair now. Cody garbrandt defeated fail a son sow beautiful walk-off punch, cody Garbrandt, great look. There wasn't too many times. If any that sense, look good in the fight. He was a little bit behind step behind. he was reacting to Garbrandt Garbrandt was leading the dance Garbrandt look good i. mean he just looked in? The Punch was beautiful and that was that. He looked good because he mixed. What he's really good at doing. With patients that I think he learned from Mark Henry. The only one thing I can say about his performance nitpicking. Is that last punch that he threw. He kind of slouched down. Through from his waist, and as devastating punches that was awesome. Sow was throwing one of his own. And had he been accurate, he would have hit cody before cody hit him. And that's the type of blow because cody through it with his left hand down completely just leaving Jal wide open to be hit I don't WanNa. Say He got lucky because that was a hell of a punch that he threw, but that's something that I think when you're watching tape and you go back you. You just can't do that against the Creme de la Creme. I agree. GARBRANDT definitely shoots up. He's not gonna be able to overtake all these other names, and I'm not GonNa go through it. I think y'all can figure it out. It's pretty much genres Aldo I'd say sterling's probably next, and then the next wave will be someone like Garbrandt Garbrandt will have to take a fight sterling probably waiting it out. An exciting division I don't know o'malley. Obviously now he's he's in. He's in the running by be the most exciting and then Amanda. Nunez defeated Felicia Spencer fifty, forty, four across the board I mean it was just the whitewash. She out wrestled her. She out jude her couple tosses she out. Ground impounded her. She out striker I mean. She probably even looked better than the Cardio Department at the enemy she it was a beautiful performance top start to finish. I'm curious to know I'm sure a lot of people trying to figure out what's next next from end and NS. But really and maybe this is just the psychology at that I'm attracted to. What's next for Felicia Spencer if you're her? And you fought the champion and your division. And loss away you lost.

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