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So before we jump into the podcast episode for today, I want to share a few thoughts about the Zenko on that shared at the end of the last podcast episode, so the Zenko on a shared goes like this once Matsu, and pay Chang were walking along, and they saw some wild ducks fly by. What is that? The master asked wild ducks by Chang replied with. Have they gone? They flown away Pie Chang, said the master then twisted. And when Pyeongchang cried out in pain Matsu said, when have they ever flown away? Now this is a fun another fun Zenko on. In that it does. The same thing must zen Koan presents with a little story and kind of leaves. You thinking like What is that all about? So I wanted to share some of the thoughts that were shared in our Patriot community. and. We discussed the Zenko on their anytime. That I share a on in the podcast episode. So this I thought comes from Denise, says quote pay, Chang says the ducks have flown away, but if you could ask the ducks. They probably don't think they've flown away. They might think they were on their way to finally arrive somewhere. This on is to me a reminder that it is important not to hold our views to strong. My view might be very different from another person's view on the exact same matter, and we might very well be equally right or equally wrong. Just like Pie Chang thinking the ducks are flying away and the ducks thinking. They're actually on their way to arrive close quote. Mo- kind of expands a little on this to most says quote This Cohen made me wonder what we mean when we say gone. When is something here? And when something gone in actuality, there is no clear line between the two, and nothing is ever truly gone, and the same way that it is never truly here. Because of the nature of interdependence. The ducks may seem to be gone, but if you ask yourself, what is doc you start to realize? There is no such thing as an individual duck that is independent and separate from the rest of the world. It is by nature dependent on the causes and conditions of everything around it. That I think of this, Cohen leads me to the becoming nobody episode like I am nobody. The duck is also nothing, and it has never gone because from one point of view, it was never here and from another. It is always here close quote. I enjoyed those thoughts I mo.. A noose. Gus says quote. When I first heard this Cohen, I, imagine a state where the ducks are flying, but not going anywhere and then started thinking what is flying then if it's not going? For example transitioning to another place in my mind, I could still see ducks flying, but not necessarily going anywhere a state of flying or a state of movement, but not gone yet and not away yet. And then landed on a final thought. Well, who is doing the go in? And I wondered if it was Pyeongchang Chang because he was the one projecting the idea of. They're going their departure. All of this reminds me of how we impose our interpretation on events that happen and how we get so caught up in things that haven't happened yet or will happen at all close quote. And, then the final show the thoughts I. WanNa share with you. Come from. Robert, who says quote? Ducks fly south for the winter and flying north in the summer, so Pyeongchang may have assumed that they were flying away somewhere as they do. Depending on the season, the master may have been trying to get. Pie Chang to relate duck migration with our thought migration. When we sit to meditate our thoughts, come and go away depending on the season of our life that day or moment our thoughts may be with us or away from US and winter. Our thoughts are away, and we know not. Where in summer we have. Our thoughts focused on our breathing. Close quote. And I really enjoyed. Everyone's thoughts their interpretation and analysis of the specific Zenko on.

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