LOST: Down the Hatch | Season 2, Episode 21: ?


You see something I'm not. I am single track or Pieces signs since we left the hatch. With the hell, are you following? Where is the question? What! The question. You keep chasing after your own shadow. I'm going back. I know you not going to show. But you must know I don't have to show you anything. I'm sorry. Wrong. Detail lost his over, but we have to go back down the hatch. It's the lost rewatch podcast here on pusher recaps question Mark Mike Bloom I already am getting a feeling. Someone's going to go into our too much up talk from these podcasters one-star hard thumbs down on the up top complainers by the way, but here we are question mark as we like to call it around here. Here on down the HAT, we're up to question mark. This isn't a question. This is a statement is the episode that we're talking about here? On down the hatch as we are getting into the fall out of what happened to poor ANA, Lucia, and Libby and we are exploring that through the lens of the second of three Mr Echo flashbacks. We gotta we gotta find gotta go down the other hatch. This is the next hatch that we have to go down. Josh I, don't want to alarm. You but I think we might be being listened to right now. Are you serious? Carry on Your Business, do you are? There are the tweets back to us like the? The online versions. You know marble notebook responses as to what we've been doing and talking about some on mud, the marble notebook stuff like watching everything on your screen for eight hours a day and typing furiously or scribbling furiously in the case of the people in the Pearl station sounds like my job. Height of what I do I was GonNa say know we got a question from. Would you rather work in the Swan or work in the Pearl? I would say I had to work in the Pearl because we already have a version of the Pearl in the reality TV Universe Josh and that is watching the big brother live feet I know. I would not be surprised if there was a version of Taron Armstrong in the history of the station that existed down, there was doing like his own little updates to whoever the leader was a at the time as to what was going on in the all the various hatches south so I'd like to combine the two I would like is I'd like the job of the Pearl. Where I'm just sitting in like a cushy chair watching TV all day, but I'd like a computer type on because I'm better that way. my my Wong hand is no good as I recently discovered as I was doing some writing exercises the other week. that. I had to do by Longhand and by the third page. I was exhausted I was exhausted. I was I was. I was pretty tired by the middle of the first page to be frank. I can't I can't remember I don't know if I've ever seen your handwriting chicken, Scratch Guy, or do you have like damn and no, it's not great. It used to be a lot worse, but it. Definitely, it's like it's big. It's clunky. Especially from just like doing note taking, it's really sloppy and all over the place. Yeah, it's comparable to John Locks, map-making skill using I think well. My artwork is for sure it is at at the very best. It's John Locke skillset. I think if I sent my marble notebooks filled with handwritten notes off to the Dharma initiative they. Want? A handwriting specialist there should. I'm sure that there are or they'd send it straight to the garbage dump art actually ends up. Being I'm sure. It might be long there to be honest. It might be more fitting into garbage heap but. WE WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk through some notes about question. Mark, Mike. We're GONNA I'm sure have questions about question mark? and. I'm sure we have wild. Ridiculous theories born from question is I have one that I haven't in the bank from a few episodes ago. That I'm very excited to get to. That is very exciting to me Mike. We're GONNA. Get into the podcast before

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