Charlotte Flair/Randy Orton & RAW Recap - burst 08



Catch the quick one, one two three and randy kicked the three and a half. That would be fine to. Charlotte Needs Randy Orton and Randy Orton. Mead Charlotte right now. It's the match that will have everybody talking. Let me ask you this. If that was the way they went, and there was going to be a match between Randy Orton in Charlotte flare. Could you see Charlotte now? I know you said she doesn't need to. But could you see Charlotte? Beaten Randy or is it that much of a stretch for Charlotte to beat Randy Orton. Nothing is a stretch in pro wrestling. If you do it the right way if it is booked correctly, if the psychology of the match is done correctly, then, yes, anything can happen, and you go with the most simplistic of finishes where. Randy goes for an archaic. Goes for an archaic how he misses it. Charlotte's able to slide underneath roll up one two three and randy kicks right after that three count happens. And Randy's right back on his feet stunned, so randy's not laid out from a Finnish or

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