Live at the Belk Theater in Charlotte (2018)


Nail that. Did it exactly right is a huge theater. Here gave me a look right voice on that of terror because. Here last night are Charleston. Who? We'll we do for a living they pretend. Times where you just can't hide. What's in your heart? Thanks I've never been. We. Said further humiliation and she felt last night. Oh another hair! which would make for by being stoked about it, so thank you you really. You really reflected that. Here's the thing. This is such a big theater I don't think the front row needs to be this close. For Real. Almost snatched. Won. A. fucking Vienna or something look at this like. It's. Tiered and. See alchemy. Some appreciate. Here which is great because Did you know about Georgia's hidden talent Gino. Hidden talent is that I will never sing for tree ever. I know. That I shouldn't. Meanwhile I can't wait. That's my new song. Ham on Rye! Speaking of fucking up, this is our opening called what we did wrong so far this weekend. I feel horrible I don't think that she's here. Posted and she listens to it. I just want who apologize. I totally forgot about this just. Can't stop thinking about awful I feel there's a there's a girl in the airport. Way Back in Durham yet get. Back years like when we were children on Friday rating. And like there's this face that you can recognize now that she and I can recognize of recognition that they recognize. How. We're recognizing their recognize we're recognizing that. We're recognizing it to recognize moment yeah. And there's reckoning. COMES! To be had right. That's true and you see them, and you're like okay. It's really the best we're always like. Everyone we meet is like everyone here is someone we would be friends with anyway so. It's like what the fuck I'm getting recognize. There's layers. PODCAST but you know stupid face like this is the best. Been bummed about it and I fucking I. Never Am this. But. I see her doing the reckoning and she gets up. Over there. And I go to do this because I'm like. Oh, she's going to come. Say Hi go. Oh No! I really. Positively? I was. Blood Diet that's. No positive positive. A. Positive. Donate. It hurts, but it's worth it. Well that. I. Don't. I don't think she heard you what she did. See your happy face. Oh! Oh No. Oh. No, and it's one of the things that it looked like I was whispering to you like. Doing a happy face and going Oh. Shit here comes another one, which is not. I was to it. That is bad for feeling for right. which is all that matters? Maybe not as bad as the first night. which in Durham when we were doing our funny joke of pretending that we know college mascots in sports. And you know the first one that we did. Georgia mentioned some school for some reason I was like and they're the fighting. Getting put on the spot like on my couch is fine, but but in a theater like this it's it's a little pressure and on that one George goes the wake borders which made me laugh. fucking ever. And then forget about forty five minutes later, some college came up Duke and she she. I mentioned Duke. Are you saying. Or Boo. Then you'll love. This seems like. What's funny as if they're mentioning Duke, saying like? Anyone WanNa work on that next semester. so He's sake Duke. And they're the fighting and then I went. And did a but what they call an Improv failure, or I just didn't say anything because I said what I wanted to say. What's hillbillies? Didn't and then she said Oh. I wanted to say Hillbilly didn't want it, so she tell you. said it right to their fucking faces. They had they had. This same reaction doesn't seem to be. The problematic phrase I thought it was. And here's this is what we thought. We were like Oh. My God. Oh, California on the TV hurricanes! Oh, my God. Everything's so awful. It must be cold there, so we brought jackets and shed. Lane, we'll out those long pants, a fucking wool sweater I need. This is serious plays. Surely one of the thicker dresses could be wearing right now. We didn't we don't? We don't bucket now and like we'd got off the plane into Asana. That's on one. Oh two or Sorry? Your heat also has water. What's HAPP the name? Also last night. I said. It's not that funny. I said our husbands soon. Was Pretty Funny? But we made the made it through. We've made it through the rain. Oh by the way this is my favorite. PODCAST. Thank you. Sir. Your, Stevens not here. He's taking hundred photos of my counts right now, sorry. I feel like he i. think he came in. My Dad was watching the first two days, and I think that Stevens snuck in. Ripped up the bag of treats that my dad left out with his pills in it and so elvis opened in like od fine on it.

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