Two Hauntings


You Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries, I'm your host Kit Chrome today to get us in the mood of haunted ghost towns that we're going to be talking about later in the we thought I'd cover a couple former military basis that were active during and slightly after world. War Two, but the two I found were six hundred fifty miles apart in one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, two Tillamook Bay, Oregon was prepared for Submarine Attack Naval Air. Station, as it was called, was the base. Base for squadrons E. P. Thirty three and housed eight K class blimps that carried a crew of ten and dozens of depth charges. They were stored in an all wood, the hanger get this one thousand seventy two feet long two hundred ninety six feet, wide, one hundred ninety two feet high, that took thirty three million board feet of lumber to build originally the basis, one thousand six hundred acres held over sixty buildings, but as of today only thirty five or left standing. In a heavily wooded area paths lead to five separate ammunition bunkers, and the basis littered with dozens of locomotives left rusty on their tracks. There are several aircraft and radar bunkers. Also, it was nineteen forty eight when the base was decommissioned in our story really begins. The two huge hangars were filled with warplanes hanger a contained T. B.. M. Grumman Avenger torpedo boats Henry. Be stored. S. B. TO C. Hell diver dive bombers, five hundred planes in all being made ready for A. A last flight to the Aircraft Cemetery Arizona Robert. smedley was flying a hell diver to San Diego when bad weather said in when he turned back, a group of loggers saw the planes circling under low cloud cover just before the crash, wreckage of the plane was scattered over two hundred yard radius among the wreckage was copy of a Western Union note he'd sent to his wife just days before coming home soon, it said loud Bob People visiting the old base of reported seen. Seen a man dressed in a typical world war, two flight suit wandering among the wreckage, one visitor walked up to a Russian plane complete with a pilot and thought it was part of an act Robert. smedley left behind a wife and three-year-old daughter, and it's believed by local residents claim to have seen. The ghost is probably the spirit of Robert. Smedley, trying to find his way home now travel last six hundred fifty miles. I mentioned to San. Francisco's old hunters point shipyard originally. Originally built on six hundred thirty eight acres of Waterfront. Our story began so the dawn of July first nineteen, forty six, when the able day atomic airburst over tiny Bikini atoll took place over one hundred US military ships surrounded the island of all the vessels. It was light aircraft carrier. US Independence that the government decided to toe into hunters point shipyard intent on finding a way to decontaminate it. They also wanted to determine the potency of the radioactive contamination I. They tried sandblasting. We're left with tons of radioactive sand that had to be packed in of dump some thirty miles off the San Francisco coast next they brought in cats and dogs monitor effects radioactive poisoning on them, then placing the dead contaminated animals into barrels to be dumped into the Pacific. Finally, prisoner volunteers from nearby San Quentin prison were made to clean the ship when they died. You can only guess what happened to their remains. But that's ancient history, the grounds that made up the old shipyard or be decontaminated as soldier real estate investors, one investor reported that when crews were brought out to transient build foundations for his apartment complexes. They stopped short when they approached the side, it was overrun by cats and dogs, and a group of men, wearing vintage prisoner uniforms shuttle days later they were brought in again and found the lots and question deserted. Could the animals have been the spirits of the cats and dogs sacrificed and all those years ago, and what about the group of men were they go? So the volunteers as note of interest the US US independence began to sink before being decontaminated and. And was towed three hundred twenty eight miles out to sea at skull. At least that's what the navy says, but the Ocean Exploration Trust discovered the independence twenty eight miles west of San Francisco Bay and slightly cell of the fair alone

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