Barbaras Banana Bush - #601


Has You know they were going to you I'm John I'm Barbara. An. Order to five hundred times. Probably you guys. Past five hundred times inside your house shut up. That's true. Thank you, John. For me, it's Gus than. True. It's the way of the order the order of the Phoenix help. Anybody done anything this week. Now all right, so you guys actually. Fun Chats. I I said this to barb this weekend, but I kid you not I had the recent thought. That I looked at the date and they went. Oh, it's June. It's almost Christmas. That's where I am with time and things are progressing. It's also halfway through June. June fifteenth today, right? We're halfway through. We've been in lockup for lockup in quarantine for three months. My Dad wait Hassler's entire conversation. We are allowed to bitch and Moan and complain about quarantine. That does not mean we do not think it's important in that is necess-, in order to combat the virus. So that's that's an astronaut. No John. It's Ova. We owe putting up. In forgot about everybody. It's just like Oh you guys think it's over I. Guess I'll just pee that of here on. Now? It's for some reason you do have to wear a mask. Please for the love. Of God I read a story the other day here in Austin about some at a walgreens who was getting too close to another customer, and so the customer asked him to maintain a social distance, and so the person who's getting too close spit on him and then start chasing him around the score. And then started threatening to kill the manager of the Walgreens. Because he didn't want to let people. Spitting using coughing as a weapon. Place. So Alon just tweeted this a few minutes ago. She wrote. A man just aggressively coughed at me, because I a person who has immuno-compromised and has respiratory problems moved several steps wide of him as he was walking towards me without a mask. So that's where we're at now. I guess cool. It's like it's. It's not enough that some people don't WanNa wear masks. They actively don't like other people doing it. That's what's surprising to me. That's what I didn't expect. Because I, because I was thinking to myself Halicki wear a mask. 'cause I get it and I don a positive people. Other people are now seeing that as A challenge. With. People don't get is how people have made it a political thing. As if The virus won't affect you one way or the other, but they say like I don't know it just seems weird that. Wearing a mask now, somehow equated to being a democrat. Met Him. I concerned about my health and safety of other people guys. We were supposed to be buddies. We're GONNA wear masks. I forgot I see my mascot over there. It's such a left-wing move to where. I don't get how it's. Just you know

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