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Distance looks like it's probably five six seven parking spaces and distance and at that point turned around and it appears to the job that he points a taser at the Atlanta officer protesters on Saturday night set fire to the Wendy's restaurant where Brooks was fatally shot the night before and blocked highway traffic Bernie Bennett reporting about a police officer involved shootings been fired in the second officer was placed on administrative duty the move follows the Saturday resignation of a lot of police chief Erika shields for nearly a week people opposing police brutality of turn to Seattle neighborhood into ground zero for their protests they created a carnival like atmosphere with speakers townhall dot com writer Julio Rocha says it's hard to tell who is nonviolent and who is not during the occupation of Capitol Hill in Seattle it very much is a mixed bag in terms of whether or not if you call off or not and the reason for that is because if the large amount that large number of people that just come in and out throughout the day you know some kind of peaceful mode I was able to find it useful he says the Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan has supported the protesters but ironically they have not supported her protesters in New Orleans tore down a bust of a slave owner who left his wealth to build schools they then took the remains to the Mississippi River and rolled into the water more of the stories at town hall dot com

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