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You mentioned that you discovered a book that sort of set you on your down a path and that book was called self. It was by show which Yama, so I was wondering how you came upon that. and. What was in that book? That really spoke to you. When I was seventeen years old I was a high school shooting in Osaka. And I didn't like school system. And I have A. Friend who didn't exclude neither. So. We are always talking and complaining about. Japanese education system and value system when Japanese, society at the time you know, definitely Pru, why what very hard to make money to make Afterward what to Japan were very poor, so they have to restore them prosperity. So they walk God and. We didn't like walking heartful. Make money we. I addressed. I wanted to find some Meaning of more making money. And that school? You know teachers teach us. We have to study hard to go to our Christie Jess. University And that is to get a good job got means to make good money and I couldn't find any meaning. OBE live in that way over F. So we are in the intervals. And I often escaped from grass room and a win to a laboratory school library. Under or many books about philosophy. On Cy, young son and so forth. And that friend has some Wa Food New Anti Z.. to two. So the pass on went to on to practice. Who is a does? Qudos Shonda. Under G is a monastery in Kyoto. Is that is that? Yes I live with ing or soccer. On Growth from Osaka. So. During the summer vacation, the friend went to untie visited and ties understated therefore. I think about two weeks. On that was the year nineteen sixty five that that was. Like after was published, the first book on that was Or the set of soul. My friend was staying at anti-g. He gave a copy of Bush's a book to his friend. And after he came back from as he, he allowed me to read that book. That was how I. Studied to read that book so. You you. You had more like poetic sensibility that didn't. You know that. May You know

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