A Not So Happy Ending


Joining me for another week. Debriefing is my friend and colleague Dr Donna Oreo. Will who is an author in? Speaker and certified sex and relationship therapist in the Washington DC metro area. She's the owner of a nod. Right especially is in working with black women on issues related to color ISM in texture ISM ended impact on mental and sexual health. She's also the author of cocoa butter in hair, grease, a self love journey through hair and skin. This week. She and I chatted about what happened between Molly and Andrew. Tiffany struggles with postpartum depression, and how we might support friends who are struggling. The giant reveal from canola. WHAT'S NEXT FOR EASTBOUND LAWRENCE? And what? We might expect from season five. This episode does include spoilers. Here's our conversation. So we are back. So we've come so far down this road. Do this. We. If you like it took a long time here and also was way too quick. Absolutely you know I mean I. think that we should give another petition going. Maybe we can a forty minute episode I'm just saying okay. With unconventional does a half hour I mean we just just has to be hopeful that we can get an season within the knicks, so so gets cold the Akron and They just don't have to act via zoom. We get all a whole. Noon version of insecurity. So, the title of this week's episode is low key laws, and I feel like that is a great description of how they knew we would all be feeling at the end of this episode. I was just like man lost in two senses. We need all out here, just law. Is. Over the place, so we see it opens up this. This episode opens up with Molly and Andrew. He added a work ethic. Right they a work events. Molly's work event and he has tagged along, and so having conversations, and somebody approaches them about like an after hours spot right, and so it's clear that Andrew is now really interested in going, but Mollie convinced him like okay I'll make it a work thing for you to have them play some of your artist or something like that right so I feel like this was a continuation of what we saw last week. Right like some cracks. In the foundation of the relationship. I'm just saying that predictions made then they happened Okay? Tell me how you fail. But it also seems like he just went along with it right like He. You know he didn't really want to go, but then she kinda convinced him, and then he went along with it. Yeah Yeah. I felt like he was a little bit more resistant to it this time around he was just like. You could tell that he was just is sort of deflated him a little bit He's making that. Sound like all right. I'm Gonna I'm giving you this thing, but I feel it. I feel that I'm giving you this thing and. It was not as obvious exactly. He made it very obvious that he was not happy about making this concession this time and Yeah. Yeah, well, we see very shortly after right that there is a continuation, so they've gone to this after work. Thing I, mean now they give back to the apartment and they want to watch the Pinelli of looking for little you is. We have avoided all those boilers and he's like okay. We finally home. We can watch this because now. We're not on your time. We can do it now and she doesn't want to watch it because she's so tired I feel like this was clearly like the last Straw. You know like there was no more straws to be given that day at all and I. It's funny to me because they got going back to the previous episode with the Block Party and just how it's. Just that that's base of like, are you? Are you here? Are you paying attention to what's going on like? Are you here with me in this moment? Because it doesn't feel like you're here like you're seeing like you're able to take in what is right here right now. She wasn't taking in that he was not like. He's like home on like even like before the block party when she was telling Isa I'm not I'm not asking him to do nothing because I was like all right look, you know she on some shaky grounds. You gotta put in deposits before you can make withdrawal and she didn't recognize that she had no withdrawal power in that moment.

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