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Oscar is ten and lives in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and he told us he wrote this poem for Mother's Day bike rides with Mama another scrape. My knees keep donating bloody skin to the sidewalk. Here comes Mama keeping a straight face even though I know she must be laughing inside because it's not the first time I ride my bike into a fire hydrant since we took off the training wheels. I've been living on the edge the edge of sidewalk the edge of Aggressee Hill. The Japan nerves no longer our arms on my shoulder while I ride but she is always there. I remember clapping when I wrote up to the mailbox. You're doing it. She cheered. That was three years ago now. Whenever WE GONE by Christ's we travel miles. It's our thing on narrow streets. She leads the way otherwise. We're side by side even uphill in those. She's not holding my shoulders like she did when I was seven. I know I will always have balanced because of her. That's what a mother does to ride my bike with Mama to tell her without words that I love her Oscar. I love that poem. I Bet your mother was so so happy to get it. Here's a poem from Cassia. Who's seven and lives in Chatham on Tour Ontario? Her poem is called name is waterfall. I walk slowly down the rocks. My eyes are big whitish blue. I carry a bubble of water by breath salty. My touches software misty. I moved fast and sneaky voices. Smooth soft common scratchy. Right name is my name is waterfall casio. That is so beautiful all right. Let's get into more poems. We have more of you who are calling in to read some poems on air and some of you may have questions about poems and poetry that you'd like to share with us as well and I want to bring in our guide for the our Ted. Shy Ted is known as the poetry guy around here in Vermont and beyond. He's been teaching poetry. Two Kids for more than twenty years and some of you listening might have been about to have a school event with Ted shy before your classes got canceled so lucky us. He's with us today. Ted I Jane. I'm so excited to talk poetry with you. Even more thrilled than you. This is such a cool honor to be on your awesome show. Oh thank you thank you but I'm going to start with a really tough question for you. Although I think it's one you've probably answered many many times. So Ted when we think about poems some poems rhyme some poems. Don't some have a few words and then skip to the next line. Some have lines that run together. Some poems are designed to be read on the page others are designed to be spoken and heard a loud some poems follow rules about form and structure. Once you know the rules. Some poems still break them. Some poems are very very short but some like the epic poetry of homer are as long as a chapter book and have characters and plot like a novel would so ted. What is poetry? That's a hard question and you listed so many different ways because that's what homes are. There are lots of different things to me. A poem is a small mostly small. It's focused it's laser focused on one important thing in your life. Something you feel really strongly about and it's sort of like if if kids live in the northeast and especially in Vermont. They know that Maple Syrup for example is something we do here. We make here. And when you make Maple Syrup you take lots and lots of Sap from the maple tree and you have to boil it down and it takes forty drops of maple sap to make one delicious drop of Maple Syrup that dances on your tongue. And it's kind of a process that everybody has to take this long mostly long process of sort of distilling boiling down your thoughts until it becomes a really important night and idea and it doesn't have to take any particular shape. That's the cool thing about poems. A rules are super flexible. So but so if a poem can be anything if you're writing one. Oh that's a good question. Well it's sort of an open thing you. There's so many different shapes and sizes of poems but it is something that you know in your heart. You've written something. Like Oscar was writing about such detail and living I love the way he described living on the edge and Cossio filled with details about her voice and their breath is and it's looking at things really really carefully and so did I answer your question. Not really because there isn't there isn't really an answer. Poems take so many different forms but they're not stories there even though Oscar kind of told story. It's it's really just a focus little expression of something super important so those epic poems and epic poets like homer and you know the the Odyssey and the Iliad are those really kind of different than what we consider modern poems. I think so. I have a hard time There aren't too many poets that long stuff these days and back when they wrote those they didn't even write them down. Had people who memorize like and they would share it for many many days. Twenty four seven without stopping so that was kind of an unusual story type of poem and epic Narrative Poem. And fortunately there aren't. Most people writes shorter stuff and I certainly do myself. I'm kids. Maybe that's a good assignment for you. See if you can just recite a poem. Twenty four seven. See what you think about that. Maybe maybe you can tell them that. Ted Shy told you you should do it. Let's get to some poems. That kids are sending us and we have lots of kids calling in Ted who WanNa read their poems allowed and this is so exciting because I love it when are able to read their own poems but we got a found poem that was sent to us by the common dish town elementary sixth grade class they actually wrote this palm on zoom. They're having video conference meetings and they focused on things to do outside so each student put a line in the chat box in their video conference and hit send at the very same time and this is the poem that resulted watching the birds. That land on my feet feeder going hiking riding my bike bright orange caterpillar under the leaves. I breathe in air running down the sidewalk as fast as I can smelling the bright tulips growing. Love it outside. That's pretty good for palm that everybody hit send on at the same time. Don't you all say the ending? The last line is the perfect line for that yeah. Nothing's no kidding. Thank you for that. Kevin dish sixth-graders.

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