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Has been up to this weekend I finally got to use the shaper origin. Oh how'd you like it? I was that I'm not sure why would it so long I? It's a basically. I'll I knew that there's going to be a big update and this is probably going to be a pain in the butt. An I'm not sponsored by them. I paid for the tool. So this is this is all me actual experience but it turns it on and basically up to it connected to the Wifi than updated by itself. And then it's really a friendly. It's actually is. There was not much of a learning curve. We just R- able to decide I write in. You know you can draw circles right on the machine and then cut circles out and then we imported some artwork from illustrator. Now worked out totally fine and so I did this like pattern in my when desk in the shop and it worked out really really good. It's a cool on the inlay. Didn't come out absolutely perfect a because sometimes when you're a if you're you're routing out pocket and then you hit a part where there is no would attention goes away and so sometimes it would kind of slip and once it gets outside the line it to pull up a bit but if you move too fast it can't pull up that bit fast enough And so there was like one little spot so I know in the future like just slow down and let the machine do the Work Trinita force anything and So it's a it's a handheld CNC and you control the speed so you kind of rely on feel and sound for the right speeds and feeds and everything and it worked out really good at see me using a lot in the future. The The one thing that I kinda bought it and thought hey. I use this to at artwork to finish pieces like maybe make a small box or whatever and I can route an inlay and I realized the problem with that is. There's a camera on there. The camera has to see north of the machine. And so if you so it's really hard to route on a small box Asian unless you make a station where that boxes level with the table surface and then you can put on your yellow dominant so I didn't realize that I. But there's gotTA BE. I'm sure people have come up some quick creative ways to make a flat level. Larger surface one The funny thing about the software is in. I'll talk about my fusion experience where it's bottomless pit. I was always worried about went before I jumped into few before I jumped into Sorry Shaper I was afraid. There was going to be dark edge of learning on the product. Like you always afraid this too much to learn. And like you're just going to stay comfortable in this little clearing. Feel like you're in the woods you so much more outside of this clearing that you think you need to know but you're afraid but once you jump in the shape or you realize awhile. I'm Mike in a little room with all the information. I don't need to go outside this room. You know what I'm saying like learning learning is is not expensive. It's really fast. And you're like Oh there's no there's not like seventeen more menus only two menus on this. This is all I can say to to know so once I started digging into the software I thought there was lots of menus in lots of choices. Lots of offsets. And it's not at all. No it's all it's all right there and I pretty much had the same feeling. I think that's what was holding me back. There was like I don't WanNa spend a full day trying to learn this machine. No spent five minutes going through the four menu options own. Have Yeah and I just WanNa say thank you to Aaron because Aaron narrative his sort of taking the role of he's like the he's like the Lewis and Clark of everything we bring in the shop. He's like a figure this out and let you know what happens if I don't come back soon. Sent help so anything that comes the door. Aaron jumps right on. Let's read all the manuals and stuff and then he gives me the the dummy lesson. Don't touch this flip that and then if you do this it might work. It might not just be careful. And then he leaves me along with it. It's worked out real worked out really good. And so I. I was playing with this the CNC MACHINE. We got a spider CNC in the shop in an injection molder from eight P. X. S Him saying that right. It's a bunch of initials is the name of the company and I always mess it up. But it's a company that makes it a home injection molder and they sell. Cnc machine with two so. They gave me the packages. They gave me a package of the machine. The two machines to to test drive for them and I really had a standing deliver. It was kind of the same anxiety ahead when I got my Torma. Actually make something on this and the anxiety level was very high. Making sure that I didn't damage the machine. I think that was really. That's really my biggest things. Id Levels. I don't want to damage the machine. It's one of those things where you're afraid. The machine is smarter than you. You know and I don't want to break bits in that one they give you them the they provided me the mold and I don't WanNa mess the mold up because the malls are expensive. The mold blank. It's just a it's specifically machine chunk of aluminum and Anyway we had success. I one of my big fears with machining in developing a product infusion go into is machining on a small scale machining. Tiny tiny stuff so every time I come up with an idea. I'm like Oh that's that's in the realm of two small to understand and when I was working on the tarmac wanting to make a stamp or a hot stamp or something and then I'd be fearful. Let him was in the realm of two small for me to understand how to do the machining. We'll have to lay out the CNC. So what is it about that specifically the smallness of it that makes you think that is like a some precision or like? What's the fear there? the yeah the not knowing the speeds the feeds and then being able to just probably break bits after bit after bit. And that's really been my fear. It's funny I years ago. Kayla put out a video of him plane on the tarmac where he broke like ten bits and he just kept crashing. The member was on the make channel and Gilchrist put out in the bits just kept breaking and everybody thought that was me. I'm like no the I'm Alex. Jimmy was around the same timing that I got my machine and breaking those bitches like you can't just go around to the corner store and go get new bits. Lotta Times like those are Spanish. That's that's a good point too. You know. And some of them are very expensive. That could be sixty seventy eighty dollars for a bit. That in has ago. A one sixteen ball knows on it and the one rung Like even when I made the most recently I guess it's this was last summer. I made the license plate stamp or had to put the Word Carolina in license plate stamped. I I use the sixteenth inch ball nose mill which was brand new right out of the thing about two of them halfway through the come noticing. That wasn't even a good finish. The tip of the ball most broke off and I don't even know why my speed feeds role super slow so going in this weekend. I I made the made of course keeping with tradition. I think now it's a superstition. Every time I use a new machine. I gotTA use my logo. So I made a a logo of my my keychain with my logo through it so it goes from one side to the other and to get between the letters even after modified it on you'll see it in the video ultimately after modified it in illustrator. I still had us a one thirty second bit otherwise it would have been if I blew up the logo so big that it could use an eighth of an inch bit. It would have been ten inches which is too big. That's how big the space needs to be between the letters between the stenciling font so long story short is I used a thirty one thirty two bit that I had I over the summer. I bought a bunch of stuff from machinists at a garage sale last summer. Finally got a chance to use these bits. And they're probably seventy dollars each. I have five of them. I bought them at this big lot of stuff. All brand new and the we I set up we set up the cut paths and we cut it in plastic and it worked great and so then we set up the aluminum and right away. We broke the eighth inch clearing it. Bought IT SMELLED UP THE MACHINE ONCE. Snow the machine twice each time. We're lowering the feed the speeds and everything and then the third time it broke the bit so the fourth time we have the bit inside the college with just about a point one five sticking out of the college because the bit snapped in half and so now this is the eighth inch clearing bit so we were able to run the clearing. Bit Super Slow. It's the software. Said it would have been ten minute cut. We made it like a twenty minute cut and then when I'm now I'm super nervous about to put the thirty two in there. I put the one thirty two bit in there and move just about to run it and I ran the sliders. All down the overrides on the machine you could slide slow. The feeds and speeds we sped it up and then I slowed defeat so what was said on the computer. Sixteen hour cut turned into a thirty hour. Cut So we let the machine run thirty hours and we just kept flooding it with oil. I'd leave and come back in the little pocket of oil would now be like mud. Because it's full of granules from the shavings from the cut scored some new oil and their leave comeback four or five hours later Aaron. We kinda like baby in the machine for thirty hours my friends combined. It's like do not kick that plug. If you kicked the plug stay away then the spider the you're talking about running on the

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