Minnesota Grieves


I'm so happy to hear your voice. I'm so happy I've connected with you. You're not Minnesota Bro tap man. It's crazy. Around on. G Latino rebels reporting from Franck town Saint Paul Minnesota. It's Anna this last couple of weeks. At least last week has been exhausting, but But right now it's just you know. Just literally came downstairs from. From Watching a little bit Protestant when Minneapolis, thirty five and then like. A frigging semi truck with I don't know just literally almost. Ran into a crowd almost like. It's it is crazy. It was a peaceful protests like the. Police will let it happen much thirty five in lengthy. Clear, also the semi with leg. Would like a trailer and everything like you see. Like you've seen. We've all older adults seen machine? How Moses Parts Sassi's literally like people the for this. But. The staying just like literally stopped funding somebody, and then it was. One of those things you like I, literally just woke up from a nap. Neo 'cause I haven't been able to sleep. Book is Lakewood. Neighborhood Watch so a lot of. Some of the neighbors be like we like. We just sit in front of our poetry last couple of days to to see shifted to see what's going on because community. Neighborhood Watch type of thing is is is what's what's the thing. People are doing communication. I mean it's so tell me about. Tell me about it all because I, mean it was i. mean let's just be real like I want to talk a little bit deeper about the community because. This is not something that just instantly happens, but it has now been a week. I'm talking to you on Sunday night. The News really started breaking about George. Floyd around this time about a week ago, right? It started making the local Minnesota I woke up to it on Monday morning. And it was already on the AP and the Associated Press. How has this week been Every one of the first things to this is A. You know it's not the first time the Minneapolis Police Department on the same department have. You know have killed someone without you know what I mean. If you just think of a recently a couple years ago, Lucas Steele. Jimmy car. There's there's list of native American folks and people just not too far from where I live blocks who have who have been who have been shot up, but they police raid in and and I think. This is a had conversations with my kids about this. it's a it's A. It's not just one isolated event. it is a culmination of microaggressions as well as just events like these of. Loss of life. That has not been checks. In his net been. you know. There's no justice right I. Mean we can take it back. You know to to Trayvon. Martin you can take it back to even further down I mean this is. This is stemmed cly been happening since. Select. What can you say? Five, hundred plus years. This. Thing that people don't don't don't like people people don't get. People don't want to understand. Or as at. You know it is a lot of people. Specifically people have color and reciprocally people have caller who live in a state. Where they really find themselves in take stats. Yeah, that's the point. I wanted to make because you and I I don't want to cut you off, but you and I you're proud. Since I've met you. You're like Saint Paul. You'd like frog town. I'm down like you've always been like. You are so proud of of that right? You break your family there. And Not Sense. You've always talked about this to me. Right? I remember having those early online conversations where it's like Yo. It's tough to be Peruvian in in the twin cities, but you you have this love, but you also have the sort of grief and sadness. How is that how you guys all coping with this? I think a lot of US including my wife only other organizers. Community members that I'm in touch with on a daily basis it's it's really for me for me. Personally has been. Like onyx is Austin aspect of like back in the early. You know two thousand when I was a college student and My Wonderful Wife Nubia that we were, we were, we were we were part of you know Cultural Center on campus in you. We fought for the inequalities that were happening in. What was the only Chicano studies department in the Mid West at that point? Right and we really really know we need to. We need to do this we need to. In in you know like I've I've always loved. infill place was in the front lines. Right. Organizers when I was organizing north organizing. Mobile Home Park residents for ten issues in our survey it just. It just felt that, but it's a lot. Of It's a lot of. It's a lot of that you know. Being a parents be much older. it's like how do I how do I do that I'm doing a lot of delegating? Do a lot of. Related Information people coming to me asking me. Hey, where do people need? Help me like it's a different kind of emotional labor, right and like part of me wants to be. There, but at the same time I feel like I just have to. Lake! The guy of honesty like talking to really we haven't had time to process right. We've been women. The we unfortunately we end into reaction areas like. X X. Person Exco Organization needs so so and so we're like our. Who Can we? Who Do we know who joe and one of the things that is? Is that I I. Think. We've been doing that I specifically mean as. Having to talk to people and having to Kinda like have have conversations with people boom via social media knitted. It's it's it's emotional. Labor right, and it's even though it might not seem as work like physical work in still work. Because you you you have to, you know you have to live through a lived experiences again and things that you might not want to visit talk about, and you have to restrain yourself right because at the same time like whatever you put on the Internet relic. You told me. Is Forever Right. The Internet is forever. We've we've always said that you and I and we've. We've always kind of shared examples right? It's like yellow. The Internet's forever Yo the Internet's

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