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Boston Marathon Canceled for the First Time


For many feared this would happen the running of this year's Boston Marathon now officially called off on that we were hoping in training for but I feel especially sorry for marathoners Rebecca PC of Belmont she has run seven marathons on seven continents over seven days she's among the disappointed the race called off for safety sake but will cost the area more than two hundred million dollars in lost revenue the boss Atlantic association with our input and support determined that the traditional one day running of the hundred twenty fourth Boston Boston Marathon Marathon is is not not feasible feasible this this year year there there wall wall said said concerns concerns about about a a possible possible second second surgeon surgeon covert covert nineteen nineteen was was a a major major factor factor in in deciding deciding to to cancel cancel this this year's year's race race but meeting tough challenges what the Boston Marathon is all about it's a symbol of our cities and our Commonwealth's resilience so it's incumbent upon all of us to dig deep like a marathon runner like we did in two thousand thirteen and keep that spirit alive registration fees will be refunded but runners can do a virtual marathon anytime between September seventh and the fourteenth when they will have other virtual marathon events

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