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On the brink according to NBC news and Brian Williams


Or form the blame it on Donald Trump to blame it on gun toting Bible thumping conservatives and completely dismissed the narrative of what you just said that in every single one of these instances though it is generally a Democrat governor a Democrat mayor in the fix that that would be a great governor understated Democrat mayor of the city a Democrat chief of police force superintendent of police of the Democrat police review board Democrats all across the board but they're gonna blame us well the earlier today a couple hours ago Keith Ellison the Attorney General Minnesota was put in charge by the governor the mayor Jacob fry looks like a student council president and this guy literally gave up the third precinct a Minneapolis police and said go ahead and take it over a multi million dollar facility they pulled out and his thinking was at the time was that Thursday or Friday night is thinking was well if we give them the precinct house that'll be sufficient that'll calm

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