'We were wrong,' NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says


Today at about commissioner Roger Goodell and took to Twitter with a surprising message in which she expressed regret for the NFL not doing a better job on speaking up on behalf of players when it came to issues of police brutality and racism we the National Football League condemn racism in the systematic oppression of black people with the National Football League commit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out peacefully protest read the National Football League believe black lives matter I personally protest with you and want to be part of a much needed change in this country I'm within the last hour saints quarterback drew Brees released in this letter to president trump on his Instagram page when she tells them that the issues at hand or not about the American flag but rather about injustices against African Americans he wrote we have the white community need to listen and learn from the pain and suffering of our black communities we must acknowledge the problems identified the solutions and then put this into action the black community can not do it alone this will require all of us no G. P. I. E. I think a lot of people really surprised the here some of the things that drew Brees has said he's sort of taken some of them back please apologise now he's addressing the president what are your opinions on it all well from the beginning more and I have a lot of respect the Jew breezes he's a future former Walter Payton man of the year award winner bye he would if he was off the mark when he made those comments and just with the time that we're in right now Indian office markets sets all things but the one thing is is that we're starting to see him come back and make these apologies and hopefully moving forward you know not just his words with actions I want to see actions are to resume with the NFL as well to hear Roger Goodell and the NFL step up that's good on their end as well you know they have the social justice reform groups and all the stuff that they're doing what we have to see more action and in those comments from Roger Goodell there was no sorry to Colin Capra Nick so I want to see that maybe men that relationship as well but I think it steps in the right direction for not only drew Brees but also for the

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