Chicago Opening Grant Park and Union Park For Protesters To Gather This Weekend


Been following a massive demonstration on the city's near west side as well tonight it started shortly after six in union park demonstrators calling for the city to de fund the Chicago police department WGN's Dana rabbit has been with the protesters all night she joins us live now with the latest data and this protest has now wrapped up for the evening it took some time for this large crowd to disperse and they sat in the street for eight minutes of silence at the end of this route down Ogden here from the apple P. building but then about twenty minutes or so after that around nine thirty is when they all started to disperse behind me are some of the Chicago police officers who were at positioned throughout this route tonight they have come back here to the apple P. before heading home after their shifts now we have seen some very large demonstrations this week this is one of the bigger ones crowd estimate of a several thousand people they met here in union park before stepping off to March tonight this event organized by several community groups including black lives matter Chicago and thirty third ward working families on what would have been the twenty seventh birthday of Brianna Taylor who was shot and killed by police in Louisville during an attempted raid on her apartment the March was primarily peaceful there was a somewhat tense moment along the route when the group surrounded a Chicago police vehicle several of the bicycle officers formed a barricade around it some in the crowd stopping moving in on them and a little bit of pushing but no significant clashes with police and know what destruction or damage of property the group continued marching they are calling again for the defunding of police they want more money to go to our social groups anti social issues that can help disenfranchised communities they want CPD in the National Guard to stand down an end to the curfew in Chicago and the release of all protesters arrested in demonstrations over the last week of the March started again at union park down Ashland to Chicago the route than winding back to rand often ending where it started about two hours later those taking part say they have been moved by the wave of demonstrations worldwide following the death of George Floyd and they are hopeful for positive change I've seen cops be egregious awful and addresses I've witnessed people coming together unity and we're not backing down you know like this is not just gonna blow over one message I would like to say is that through our mayor our governor that you know we don't want any more empty promises as taxpayers as people who are paying attention the pensions of police officers we demand change and there are several more demonstrations planned over the weekend mayor Lori Lightfoot says she is going to be shutting down a portion of lake shore drive from fuller ten to thirty First Street as well as opening up Grant Park and union park as locations where some of these protests can take place

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