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Twenty mission referring to soaring unemployment numbers last month alone more than twenty million Americans lost their jobs as the U. S. economy is ravaged by the corona virus these are not large numbers because of the economy wasn't doing well these are large numbers because we shut down the economy and I would just highlight the biggest component of this was in travel in retail they leisure and not a not a surprise we've closed down major parts of the economy as for another economic stimulus package secretary Mnuchin tells fox news Sunday the White House is absolutely pushing for a payroll tax cut the administration is not interested in bailing out states that were poorly managed testimony is scheduled this week from members of the White House coronavirus task forces more and more states re open this as a few task force members keep their distance from the White House after coming into contact with the west wing staffer who tested positive Dr Anthony Fauci is now in a modified self quarantine now found she is one of several people that are expected to testify before the Senate later on this week that includes the heads of the CDC as well as the FDA Sox's mark Meredith the testimony from the CDC director and the FDA commissioner will be remote since they are both self isolating the World Health Organization is pushing back on a report in a German newspaper that says China's president pressured the director of the WHL to delay issuing a global warning about the virus outbreak the paper citing German intelligence as president she also wanted information on human to human transmission held back the director of the WHL calls the allegations unfounded and untrue America is listening to fox news here's the Bryant heating and cooling forecast from the fox six weather experts decreasing tense throughout the day raining chronic conditions for mother's day as we look ahead to tonight tends to bottom down into the mid thirties and for tomorrow high temps upper forties with mostly sunny skies we're looking a little nicer next week the slow warmup up box six meteorologist Eric Manges this report is sponsored by.

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