Withholding Judgment


Welcome to be great. Today we can start your week. I'm Jonathan Bloom or Bradley Sparks Band in the world of warcraft. Today the idea of withholding judgement I was playing watercraft as playing my Paladin the powder and has disability called judgment. It's an ability that sends out the shield and it's good for taking down range enemies to a faraway. I've made a phrase when I'm waiting to use the skill called withholding judgement and they've got the idea of withholding judgement in our own lives can like withholding judgement until more formation withholding judgement. We understand that person perspective. There have been times. I've been quick to judge somebody either. An an appearance of what the act was and I had this hot. Take as you will and then I realized that after I had the hot take. Oh there is more vision than I had needed. Sometimes people our love and grace and arguments. I find this to withhold judgment until I know what is the issue truly about might as a phrase the fights never really what the fights really about. I remember this one time I was at a coffee shop and I was having an issue with my phone and the rest of asking for more money and I was just starting to like tense up now. The BRISA and I wasn't angry at the money. There is things happening in my life. And my family's that that was getting to me. I find that situation can be more intricate. Take face value. We've all seen the story on social media. That at the beginning. Looks like her than you look into like. Oh there's a lot more to the story that I saw in that quick soundbite that quick video that was put out there. We take what someone does or says and make a snap judgment so this we encourage us to think through situations that we are in unless tried to avoid a hot take a snap judgment on what's happening maybe withhold judgment until we get a little bit more information on what's going on and then once we have the information then we can pass judgment on what's going on. It's definitely thinking that I've been working on in my life. I probably know all the information. It's like Paul Harvey used to say and now you know the rest of the story. Thank you for listening to this. Week's be great today. I always hope that this brings us a little bit more of an inspiration in some way and my goal is something that I'm working through. This week is something that can hopefully help you in your

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