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Matt Dillahunty & Shane Isgrig Discuss the Separation of Church and State During COVID-19


Something specific. You wanted to get to or if you just felt like diving in. What actually on the topic of church state separation. I have to say that recently since this pandemics begun. We've we've been seeing more of it than we have before you know when I see states like this one that we're in Exempting churches from stay at home orders. That that's something that I've a huge especially when people start making the argument the most frustrating when I've heard and I've seen it all over. Facebook is oh how can we can go to Walmart or we can't go to church. I have a very simple answer for that. Walmart has essential things like groceries. Church is not essential. That's why it's close but here in in Texas you actually are allowed to meet up at a church. There actually plenty of states doing this. And some of them are being somewhat responsible about it where they're still putting social distancing measures in place or some of them are meeting up in parking lots in doing something with like negga phones. I don't have such a big issue with the outside meet ups with megaphones where people are part but people are still meeting in buildings and it just really goes to show it like. I've been reminded more than ever why I'm such an anti-fascist I'm seeing. There's a city in Israel and I think it's pronounced a Ni- I could be mispronouncing it but there's a city that has a sixty percent. I think it is Ultra-orthodox population a refused to stop meeting for group prayers. And they're putting their entire city at risk and it's actually reached the point where that city has been closed off the rest of Israel because they they just can't do anything they can't get them to stop meeting. And of course the people being told they can't meet our. This gives them their confirmation bias about them being persecuted and in Israel the Jews who are having their synagogues out there being. You know they're calling the police doing that. Nazis and then you see the Christians in this country. They feel like they're being persecuted when they're told they can't meet up at a church and you know it's it's really disturbing to see but I also see a lot of Christians who were being a little bit more responsible and they're doing some livestream scenario doing some church be zoom or something to be effective. What we're doing here and I have to say if you're a Christian listening and you're doing something like that and your social distancing while you're doing your services props to you. This is something we agree on. Let's work together. You need to tell your fellow Christians. They are putting other Christians and of course endanger when they're meeting churches and then they're going out to the grocery store and things like that you know. I hope that the responsible Christians They surely do exist. Need to call out their fellow Christian brothers and sisters who aren't being so responsible has the reality is this. They're not gonNA listen to us. Were atheists but they might listen to you. So we're calling on you to help us out and I'm GonNa slight disagreement you know you. You didn't have that much of a issue with the megaphone. Let's fill a big parking lot and have everybody stands. Succeed away I kind of think that's the granted that's better than the alternative of having the meeting church but I kind of think it's just absolute bullshit in the first place because they still left home and interacted in an area with other people are they. Are they probably some of them? Probably going go to Perkins afterwards or or whatever they're after eating places if it's happened the open and you know we like. I heard Austin's mayor yesterday extend because this was supposed to last through the eighth but he's extended This data for non essentials to May thirtieth and AC is going to be having an election. This much was which means we're GONNA if we're going to do it. Like in a gathering than may thirtieth is the only time we can do it. So we're looking at other options to to boat remotely or have it like a zoom meeting type thing. I just if God is everywhere and God can hear your prayers. Then you can stay at home and do a zoom meeting with your village. Christians did not have to get in the car and go out and contributed to traffic and fuel costs and everything else to go. Stand in a parking lot with somebody yelling at yours megaphone. You would hear more. It's actually kind of funny for me right. Because I'm working on a video about Jesus feeding the masses and the notion that there's a couple of different versions of that and in one of the versions there are five thousand there to be fed and by and by this. It's very clear that it's five thousand men plus their family and one of the points I'm getting at is I've done Big venue theaters. You know thirty. Five hundred plus people I had the advantage of having microphones and sound equipment. And everything else the notion that in First Century in Judea That there's somebody walking around with a crowd of five thousand You know speaking from a hilltop so that it dissipates out which is the worst thing you would wanna be like in a cave. Where you get the excess. There's a reason why we out. You know the theaters the way we do But it just struck me as funny that you know you've got all this and you have at your disposal. The modern Internet the best way possible to interact with a wide number of people and yet still. You just decide well. We'll kind of halfway ignore the stay at home. Order will fill up a parking lot. Have everybody stand six feet apart. You know I it it is. It seems strikes me personally as just four show like like Jesus talks about Don't pray in public. Do your prayer in your prayer closet. This is the exact opposite of

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