Rumor Round-Up & Chair Dance Challenge - burst 08



Mean. You know you're you're you're you're you're the company's champion and again as I said you're the world champion on the title. was you know they're taking a big investment of big risk? Let's call it with you. Those of condos controversial when they did was controversial. One have won that title. Putting a big investment in you Yet as a pandemic going on and everything, Martinez right I mean, but I mean this has been going on for several months. Now you've had time, and then you and they've. They've known they're going to do the show. You've had time to try to figure out an and find the means to to to get where you need to be. And then again when when you hear, they're asking her kicking film stuff. Can we buy some weeks and time, but you just filming some stuff with your phone wherever you are I? Don't know where you're at. I mean. It's. It's not professional. It would seem so I. You know I don't i. don't know where she goes. Now I'm not sure what's next for her because. I don't think could be wwe so I'm not saying it's difficult and just in listen Tessa plants has been somebody. I have to be honest. I was talking about this with our producers before the show. She's always been very good with her time. On this show. She's been a guest. Yes. She's been a guest on busted open several times, not only on the phone mark, but she's coming studio seven person. Yeah, yeah, it to be a guest on our show and she's always been. She's always been great, but you know and and Tessa Blanchard has an open invitation to come on the show because we want to get all sides, but it does seem a little curious mark. You mentioned about being out in Mexico when you have as you said Justin. You're the champion and also at the time. Time she became champion, and this was a very historic moment for the company her beating. You Know Sammy Callahan female beating a male like you know this to be was kind of like mainstream news, but at that time just as you remember, there was a lot of controversy surrounding testable answer for comments. She may have made in the locker room. Some racist comments now I'm not GonNa say whether that was true or not. People came forward and said it was, but I was not there. I can't state that. was or what it wasn't but one thing that you have to say that impact got very highly criticized for standing by her still having her win that championship and have her being the face of that organization, so they stood by or Justin, so it seems very odd to me that there's all these issues and problems now when when you are at a time. When there was a lot of question marks, there wasn't question marks when it came to impact wrestling. Wrestling they stood by her. So it seems unfortunate that all of this stuff is

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