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A mistake that many photographers make as they make a go at being a professional photographer. is believing that being a generalist is an advantage. Saying that you can photograph, anything doesn't leave impression with a client that you think it should make. Secondly. It leaves the photographer to be defined by what they're hired to do. Rather than by the work that they have a passion for. You may achieve financial success. But. It may not be the type of photography. Sings to your heart Alan Clarke had a clear idea of the kind photographer. He wanted to be and the kinds of photographs you wanted to make. Based in Nashville Tennessee his desire to be a photographer in the music. Industry could have led him to photograph. Country Music Stars. But. He didn't want his physical address to pigeonhole his photography or his aspirations. so He created his own path as a commercial editorial photographer resulting in a career that has allowed him to photograph the likes of Sir George Martin even. Hawk Bob Newhart and two former presidents. I hope this conversation demonstrates the importance of defining who you WanNa be and who you are as a photographer. This is about an annex and welcome back to the candidate frame. Are, I. Alan Welcome to the show. Thank you glad to be here so glad to get Nice Mike. Voice this should be. This is gonNA sound good? Stuff. You ever watched thirty rock now know. Alec, Baldwin and Will Arnett, both have amazing voices, and so they played that up a lot, and that's to our strengths as well so they had like a sexy voice off at one point. Close to each other, and be like I can do that and then they to be like. Yes, you can this. Man Gets. Today's the record this. The astronauts took off on the capsule and the rocket today and I know you're thinking. What you're talking about. You're saying. Neil. Armstrong! Yeah, it's a replica of his suit over a Hoodie. So Yeah I've completely nerd out today you've you've photographed a bunch of the of the suits. But where did the best nation begin? I think like most of us. You think of these images and you dream when you're a child like I was I wanted to be. An oceanographer wanted to be part of the cousteau. Society I wanted to be an astronaut and. Set in my second third grade class looked out the window and reflected on every port report card ever had. Would get these notes of our report cards to be like a you unsatisfactory. He just doesn't pay attention. He looks out the window constantly. That's what I got. Unsatisfactory what they had on the report Carsberg. Takes. A dreamer looks like when they're little. We have the album are recordings of the Apollo flight at my house, growing up so double album and it had pictures of the flight and I remember. I didn't think I really understood exactly what I was listening to just Kinda of thought, it will couple. At record on and just listened to it and look at looking at the pictures. I think it's probably still in my house somewhere. Let even though I don't have a record player anywhere near, let's. I, don't know I'm not one of those. Guys. Are. You saying you're not a hipster? Is that what you're saying? I think that by a couple of decades man I duNno, sometimes. My wife tells me their original hipster. Looking into some of this I'm like I. Don't know, but then I look at myself. When I do that. A you still have a record player and listen to things and she may be right. Working the idea that you want it to be able to photograph the spaces issue. Number of them have and you know I guess the idea came along Huntsville. Space and rocket center is only two and a half hours from Nashville so. have been going down there since I was a kid. My parents took me when I was little, and it just never stopped and something like a tradition. Take took my children there and. I've had photo shoots. Their showed up multiple times I. Don't think they. Enough to where they're sick of me, but it's pretty close. And just kept going there and going there, but then when I would do like photo shoots across. You know our great country. I would go to in in Boston there's A. Museum for JFK and I've been there and just seeing Johnson, space center in Houston of course, and all the different spots every time I get a chance I'll go and visit and just take my camera with me when I go, and my whole point is to just record these to record them like I would do it. Not like a tourist would try to actually light it really well, and sometimes you get permission to do these things, and sometimes you don't. But most of these things are on public display, and were American citizens, so we can kind of like just Bassani and people don't know this, but all all the museums in DC are all. All free to American citizens, because that's part of our taxes, and that's what it goes towards, and so you can kind of do anything you and requests, these types of things, so it started years ago through a space and rocket center, which was a privately funded thing, and it was on the redstone arsenal, the right next to the arsenal base course Verner von Braun worked out of Huntsville Developing Saturn five, and so it's steed like a weird thing like an Alabama of all places steeped in this rocket tradition. You know that know people just don't know about and they kind of had them. They're just to kind of hide them a little bit. Kept them safe there instead of putting them in a big city like DC or New York, but that's when the fascination started from as from a very early age, just repeatedly going down there and shooting these things and You know on crappier cameras when I was little like instamatic disclaimer. Even growing up as a for NYKANEN.

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