Talking today with Linda Kohler from sharp literacy. And a local artist and teacher, Videl Hill.


Materials practicing. I wanted to hear other people's stories. I wanted to know why other people told the art forms a D. So I was absolutely necessary for me and as the first college graduate in my family It was more important for me to finish than it was for me to start and I absolutely love my experience. It was a culture shock for rule. Just blacks from my I mean, I could run by there in seven minutes, but I never knew that were in. Most of my peers were from ours away. In fact, I have travel east to get to a whole world and it paid off for me. I really learned about my Situation through other situations. I didn't know it was until I met people who were in the middle class. It was seriously amazing to me. To realize that in just a little fire under me that this should be nor people from many backgrounds to meet with each other. No matter what, weathers our music, dance the world to me, and it would make a better place. And what better way to do that through? You opposed to trying a change is wrong. Man, you teach a child to be a good first.

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