Hour 1 - (06-26-20) - burst 05


Have to make like a thing about it on social media? When you just WANNA quietly work out of not draw attention to this I. Don't know if he can quietly do it because you have a helicopter following him around. Does it feel like he's sort of Ria overdoing social media because he's been. Kind of contained for fifteen years in New England now. He's like Mr Social. The fact that he did the Howard Stern. Show after he left the Patriots I went. Wait a minute. Who is this guy? Maybe. It's a unplugged Tom Brady unplugged, and this is the biggest thing that Tampa's add in. How many years? That Brady. Is There Brady's working out? He's getting. Gather with those new teammates know he did a tick tock. Dance. Amazing you know. He did not I. Don't really know. I almost believed you, but then I realized that I don't think you can do I. Think believe for a second. There seems like somebody would do. No, you said amazing. That is amazing and I don't think Brady has any rhythm we should bring back our five minutes. Tick Tock discussion pre show yesterday. WHO's at everybody wife's. got. You do it. You mentioned tick. Tick. Oh, I'm sorry about that. It's I get seven tiktok videos day from my youngest daughter and has to do with a cat. I mean there. There's no substance there and say to her. Why are you? Send me the cat she goes why not and I go okay, and then if I don't come a have a comment on the TIKTOK video, she's like. No I haven't heard from you. And it has nothing to do with her life. It has to do with the Damn tiktok video. Yes, start, but they show a dog hugging the baby, hysterical laughing or motivational speakers, and there's all kinds of cool stuff on there. I know there's other stuff on there that I'm going to be accused of here we go. Okay no grown man is going on tick tock dog. She'll puppy dogs being hugged and like. Maybe there's like some comics on there. Then have the money standup. Grown man going on there. No grown man down is putting tick tock on his phone. You can find George CA class on Youtube Todd is technically a grown man as he is technically. Do you have a tic account. I do not have an account okay, I have the APP on my phone, which I never downloaded. I think it used to be. The same thing epic it used to be something else became. Never actually. Set Up. Any kind of TIKTOK showed up on my phone and I don't community with anybody I can't. All righty. You're just viewing. Tick Gamma. Club, I'll stand up for. People in Board Room somewhere saying. I'm hearing. The kids aren't Tiktok. We gotta get on tiktok corporate brands. Media Let's I've seen media outlets flocking. Odds on Tiktok noted. I'll quote lines from like dancing on my kids like. Please stop going on. That's for you. have been warned by my kids and my wife. I have no business going through anything. You have no business being on Tiktok, but you still do it I do. Take a look and see what's going on over there, but

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