Black Mamas March in Washington, D.C. rallies around message to remove police from schools


Chance of black lives. They matter here are wringing out at the Black Mamas march at the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue this afternoon. Protesters there, including mothers and Children, who say they've lost family members to police violence are calling for the removal of police officers from local schools. The key is Sankara Jabbar is with racial justice. Now that all Montgomery County for black folks, Montgomery County has three million investing $3 million for sorrows. Montgomery County P D police, Black Children, M CPS, and we're calling for the end of the criminalization and over policing black Children. More from W. GOP's Alejandro Alvarez at the scene of the March ahead of the main march at the Black Mommas Rally, they actually have set aside a moment for Children's who walk around the Navy memorial on their own. Sort of independent march like they said, to give our kids a chance to walk after three months of being stuck indoors, and this is kind of like a miniature black lives matter March they have signs which the Children were making beforehand that say, Black lives matter. No justice, no peace.

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