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Boards Leader You may be driving South bound 29 saying, Why is the traffic so bad from the chill? Not a body traffic death? Well, it's because of a bad accident South bound to 21 right in front of Ah Napa Valley College traffic being shuffled over on. I'm Allah to join you. On 29 both South found Laine's up to 21 are black. So again. All that traffic taken to 29 it is packed between Imola and just past 12 West and it is a fire reported for San Jose alongside of south 80 south of the Alameda, But it is slowing 8 80 in both directions, especially South found, which is jamming up from first Street south and 80 through Oakland. You'll find heavy traffic still from 9 82 high where there was a dump truck that's cleared. Out of San Francisco. Pack from hospital curve to the Bay Bridge. Thiss hour, sponsored by Loew's summer is open and lows his home for the fourth. Make your Backyard the best place to be starting with the grill. Get the Char broiled five Burner Gas Grill, now just $199 this fourths at home with lows, valid 6 25 378

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