Boston Typewriter Orchestra Performs Symphony from Afar


A unique orchestra makes the Dean's list for bringing music to our ears and ingenious way. For the last 16 years, The Boston typewriter Orchestra has been delighting delighting audiences audiences across across New New England England by by performing performing original original songs songs and and covers covers composed composed exclusively exclusively of of typewriters. typewriters. And And although although a a few few of of the the members members Musical Musical backgrounds, many of them have on Ly ever performed with their typewriters. Since the Koven 19 outbreaks have cancelled the world's concerts until further notice. The Boston typewriter Orchestra has been no exception and hasn't been able to play for the public For several months. However, the orchestra recently reunited over a video call so they could perform a new song called Imprisoning Your Think Rhino. Boston Typewriting Orchestra. Thank you for bringing a smile to our faces and attack tap tap to our

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