Trump calls reports of Russian bounties on U.S. troops a “hoax”


Trump calls reports of a Russian bouncy An American troops in Afghanistan hoax but his national security advisor says the intelligence was important enough to share with US and coalition forces. At the time it was gathered. President Trump doubted US intelligence that Russia may have offered bounties to the Taliban to kill U. S soldiers. I think it's a Hoax. I think it's a hoax by the newspapers and the Democrats. Sources tell CBS News Details about the potential plot appeared in the president's Daily brief, though he has not said if he actually read them, Mr Trump says. What matters is that no one verbally told him the information intelligence people. Didn't even many of them didn't believe it happened at all. But national security adviser Robert O'Brien said the raw intelligence was worries them enough to share with the military, even though it wasn't verified because we were concerned about it. We give it to US forces. On the CBS News podcast, the takeout, former national security adviser John Bolton told Major President Trump wacked an interest in intelligence briefings. He's just not receptive to new fax.

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