7,000 children test positive for Coronavirus in Florida

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Eight thousand number of cases confirmed in the United States a new record and seven thousand, the amount of children who have now tested positive in the state of Florida alone since March Dr Scott. GOTTLIEB is the former FDA commissioner now a CNBC contributor he joins us once again Dr Gottlieb's good to see you. Let's begin with these cases of children in the state of Florida. How alarming is this? What does it tell us about? The age groups now that are susceptible to getting this virus. Well we always knew children were susceptible. The belief is that they're less susceptible than adults, so they're less likely to contract the virus than adults and that when they do get the virus, they're less likely to have a bad outcome. Data seems to support that, but they're not impervious to the virus. They do get sick. They get infected and we have seen some bad outcomes in. In children, we also don't know what it looks like. When this virus becomes epidemic in children, we don't know how many kids have actually had corona virus. There aren't any good seroprevalence studies to look for antibodies and kids to see what the exposure has been in children, and it might be the case that a smaller percentage of kids in the United States have had this infection. Infection at this point in adults on a relative basis, because the very first thing we did when we had these epidemics was closed the schools, and so that that closed off an avenue of spread, and I would venture to guess that parents with school age children were probably more here into the at home, mortars, wearing masks good hygiene because they were doing those things to protect. Protect kids, so might be the case that a smaller percentage of kids have actually been exposed, and so we don't know what it looks like. When this becomes epidemic and children in the same way for example, flu becomes epidemic and children every year, if the virus outbreak stays at the current pace. Are we going to be able to send our kids to school in the fall? I don't think so in the south. I mean if they don't if they don't correct the situation and they don't have a lot of time to do it in states like Texas. Georgia Alabama California Florida Arizona. It's going to be very hard for local school. Districts parents on boards of local school boards to make decisions to open those schools I think in the northeast we will be able to open schools in the north I. Think Parts of Northern California San Francisco be able to open a schools. We should really try do that. There should be an emphasis on doing that because we might be in a situation where we have to close the schools again later on. On in the school year, getting kids back to school socializing them, get him started on classroom learning. If we have to go to distance learning on a selective basis as outbreaks occur, it's going to be really important to get them back into the classroom. At least for a period of time, I think a lot of states in the south really have lost the opportunity do that because they have to make those decisions and July those schools open in August in many in many cases, and so they're probably going to start the year with schools closed in a lot of parts to those states. Do we know anymore Dr Leave about that syndrome that had been affecting. Growing numbers of children and we haven't talked about frankly in six weeks to two months. So there was a really good analysis studying published in the New England Journal of Medicine about two days ago that I would encourage people to take a look at that gives sort of a qualitative assessment of ninety nine cases in New York City, it appears to be opposed by real syndrome that occurs about a month after the virus. What we still don't know is what is the total number of kids who had the virus? We know how many kids had. This syndrome appears to be sort of a post. Viral Inflammatory Syndrome could be quite severe sort of like a Kawasaki Type Syndrome. When you get inflammation of arterial vessels it could. It could have disturbances heart. It's treatable, but we don't know how. Many kids are in effect with corona virus, so we're seeing one hundred cases, and there's been one hundred thousand kids infected, or we seeing one hundred cases there. There's only been five thousand ten thousand kids. In fact, it's probably the case that a lot of kids have had this new. New York City and it's a low incidence event and you do see these similar post viral types of syndromes with other viruses including corona virus, where you also see it on rare occasions, a Kawasaki Type Syndrome, with other forms of Corona virus, and so when you see these epidemics, viruses enter a virus echo virus sort of move through population. You will see a month later three weeks later. A preponderance of these post viral kinds of syndromes, so this isn't that unusual in many respects. We just don't know what the incidences of

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