Emancipation Group Statue In Boston Will Be Removed


That statue if you aren't familiars and Park Square, right by Park Plaza, W. B. C's Jim McKay has more from the man who started a petition that led up to this story. Bullet is a Boston based artist, and he was looking at the statue to not be destroyed or disrespected in any way, rather placed in a museum for a deeper conversation about race in America. I was one of the major pushes on my needs to be put somewhere with a proper contacts in conversation can be had about the staff. You was created with funds donated by recently freed black Americans in the late 18 hundreds, however, is touring notes. The financials were the only things they were involved with time. It got revealed that the deeper we go the more kind of an in justice. It was that people weren't even involved while they pay for it. They weren't involved in the development of right now. The city of Boston is deciding on a day when to take it down, and also where it will be placed. Moving forward Jim McKay double BBC, Boston's NewsRadio and 6 51 A coalition of interfaith religious leaders is launching a new game. Campaign to end what it

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