How To Transform Your Life With Authentic Networking - Keith Ferrazzi - burst 03


Of life in your happiness, but it's the people around you dick this. For example, the Hobbit very happy people studied by Edina. This study showed that there was only one thing that correlated with human happiness. It wasn't great clothing a warm weather. It was the strength of your human connections, and it was a point seven correlation, and then they were the blue zone studies, and in those studies there was something really interesting that was published a set that countries or cities rather like Saadia Okinawa where people live to a hundred at around ten. Ten Times the rate of regular Americans, they observed these things about how these cultures work in one of the things to observe this low to moderate alcohol and thought this was kind of curious, because look I, love a glass of red wine every now and then, but how could alcohol wine be increasing or in Japan? Be Increasing longevity, and so I texted I literally got an introduction to one of the scientists behind the study I texted him, and he said you know the alcohol thing. It's just a correlation. Really. It's the fact that when we are drinking wine with metric sake. What are we doing? We're socialize with.

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