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What street four our third and final story Uber is aiming to rebound from its GRUB. HOW BREAK-UP A SAP! It's reportedly in talks to acquire post mates for two point six. Six billion dollars with Pope in the old romance diaries from back at delivery, APP summer happened the day after years of fighting each other. This is the summer of love for those big delivery apps that you get your burrito turns out snappers. The Corona economies amped up the urgency for Nash ubereats like Grub hub and post to become no profitable spoiler. None of them are profitable yet. Mom data like you know what you really need to find someone. Last month though Uber thought they found someone, but then they got their heartbroken. Because of a classic European romantic accent feels like the climax of a gosling film right now. Uber was close to acquire and grab up, but then a European heartthrob came in and swooped it away boom. You grant at a nowhere. This guy starts talking people start loving GRUB hub turned down, Uber and merged with a company called just eat takeaway instead now together. They're probably going to be called. Just eat takeaway seamless GRUB, because that's what they would do. The old quadruple hyphenated name is most likely for that. Works, with some couples doesn't always work with other couples. This brings us to this week's news which comes from a little birdie called PF WTN people for millionaire with the matter Jack. What are the WGM. Say Uber is on the rebound. Yeah, they're in talks to merge. Uber eats with post mate. No joke post makes could end up being a pretty nice cash for to though because. Because Post mates controls one core section of the country southern California Los Angeles market pretty much. That's where you're seeing postponed. If we were acquired post mates that means, they'll also get serve, which is like the dog in this relationship. Yeah, post made, says this cute little like Minion, looking thing that will deliver you a sandwich in an adorable self-driving way. It's basically a Coleman Kuwait. Drop a Burrito into, and it'll roam the sidewalks to your doorstep. Then text you to come down and get now. Jack before this relationship gets defined. We should point out that there is like an alternative world and Dash City out there. Potentially for post meets host mates could stay single and IPO. Instead it could turn down the deal and you know what post Bates has kind of been talking about doing this for years now they've been. been rumored for about a year to be preparing for an IPO and that would give them the champagne PAPI in New, York City moment that every entrepreneur strives for the call Jack and I appear hopeless romantic over here, but we think uber and post meets could be worth a lot more together

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