The 2nd Kardash-icorn Under Armours mega-deal. Facebook is too-big-to-cancel. Cotys Kardashian investment. - burst 2

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Facebook turns out the world's top one hundred brands are only like six percent of facebook's actual revenue, small and medium businesses can't afford to be an activist company like Ben and Jerry's or Coca Cola facebook is their only way to reach new customers, so facebook stock is only ten percent down from its record high in the last week. That's not mick, but it's also not life threatening to facebook shareholders for our third and final story. This one's wild, cody cosmetic stock just twelve percent on word. It's investing in another. Kardashian Kim K. is officially a Unicorn. Zia. Mainly, it's maybe it's maybelline. Don't remember last month neck when Forbes magazine ripped apart kardashian Jenner clan for historically for years, fudging the numbers to the Jack officially pulling our nomination for Christiana for a candidate of the year, the Kardashian Jenner clan really wanted the world to believe that each daughter of the family was a self made billionaire well good thing because they managed to pull off another self fulfilling prophecy because of cody cody is splurging two hundred million dollars for a twenty percent stake in k. k. w. beauty as Kim Kardashian West. We crunch the numbers that means K.. K. W. beauty is worth. Worth a billion dollars, plus the oilers got in the old option for a majority stake later on. If we feel like claws, this means that Kim Kardashian West Built Cosmetic Company instagram that now worth one billion dollars EP backup to just a few months ago. Cody spent six hundred million dollars for fifty one percent of Kylie cosmetics. We did the math trust us that means. Kylie cosmetics was worth one point two billion dollars, and it means Kylie Jenner built a cosmetics company on instagram like her sister worth one point two billion. This all sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving up. With the Kardashians, which one of us is not a billionaire right now? Definitely Char- you have to say that the kids table, but the real shocker here is cody stock, which has been in desperate need of a level five makeover. The last few years founded in New York New York this one hundred

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