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159: Felix Cartal



I hope you're doing well wherever you're at whatever you're up to in this crazy world right now. Things are opening back up a little bit here in the United States If you are participating in said opening I hope you're taking care yourself being safe. That is always my wish for listeners. This show but particularly now as we kind of chart this course into a weird age. Yeah I'm thinking about everybody out there. I hope you're doing well. I've got a great show for you this week Felix cartel is on the show and I gotta say this is one of my favorite episodes in a long time. We just got done recording it. I think both of us walked away really enjoying this conversation. These are the kind of talks I want to have on this show. You're in for a treat Felix cartel has a new single out right now called mine and he has a new side project called glass pedals which is A little more back to basics. You Know House Music Club. Music got a new single out called get closer and look. I love both of these songs. Both these projects man Felix cartel is so talented. And I'M GONNA put a link in the description of this episode where you can go follow him. Keep up to date with everything. He's doing He also did these series of talks on his instagram. Not Dissimilar from this podcast where. He was talking to friends of his collaborators. He talked to people like lights. People like said and a bunch more so all of that is going to be in the description of this episode. And you'll hear is going to more detail about all of that in just a minute Also in the conversation. You're about to hear you're going to hear me. Shout out the back to back discord if you are not on the discord server yet. I do not know what you're doing with your life but it is time. You gotTa make the leap. Come join me over at the back to back. Discord server the link for that is in the description of this episode. That is my server. Might Chat and I am in there literally every single day talking with people connecting with people. If you're a music producer there's a place where you can post up your tunes get feedback and connect with like minded folks. If you're not you can just come post memes. You can post what you're listening to and Most of it is just us talking about our lives connecting. It's a great community group of people and Look if you want to talk to me. That's the best way to do it. I pop in there all the time. Come join the discord server com. Get involved with an awesome community and come support your favorite podcast. Which I'm assuming it's this bad guest. If you have a different favorite podcasts joining my discord server isn't GonNa do much for but shout out to everybody who is supporting this podcast. It means the world and you. Yes you the. Listener are wondering. Gee I wonder how I could support this. Great great shows that this handsome attractive man puts out every single week. Let me tell you the best way you can support back to back. It's free and it's quick. All you gotta do is help spread. The word word of mouth is how they show grows. It's how I've been able to keep doing it for over three years. So if you want to get involved all you gotTa do is let people know you're listening tag is in your stories. Put up a tweet. Just tell a friend who loves music as much as you do what we're doing over here. I'm at Willie joy on all social media and the show is at back to back pod anytime I see US getting tagged anytime. I see you guys out there. I'm always going to be replying. Reposting your content and just generally connecting. I love meeting listeners. Of this show you can also reach out to me directly back to back. Pod Et Is the email address for all of your questions. Comments concerns and various sundry details that you do not want the public to know. Your secret is safe with me. I don't even really know what I'm talking about anymore. I want to get into this episode. we just finished like a few minutes ago. We just finished doing it. I had a blast man. I haven't had this much fun during an episode in a few extremely inspirational very thoughtful guy. YOU GOTTA go follow him. You gotta go keep up with him. He is working on a lot of new music. You do not want to miss it when it drops so with that being said I'm GonNa let you hear it from the man himself. This is me and Felix cartel back.

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