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California, Fraud And Walmart discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Mega mega prayers for you thank you print thank you very much I'm so honored to talk about my sixth time I've actually gotten on with you so it's such a privilege I I'm here in California and our governor has declared that polling places are going to be too unsafe but we can't go to a regular polling place you've been talking about mail in ballots in such I think I have a a perfect solution millions of people since this pandemic it started has been safely shopping at Costco Walmart marijuana dispensary you know grocery stores and I think that you know we can open those that for one day on November third everybody can go to a cosco Walmart grocery store gas station yeah marijuana dispensary and and think of how many lives can be saved if Planned Parenthood across the country open up for polling place one day yeah I know I know you're not serious you're making a you're making you're making you're making we think we can go every single day we go safely to market and right you're you're you're you're gonna cost because you're going to grocery store or whatever everybody's in a mask they had not did not have to shut it down it's been perfectly safe place to go and if it had not been sh if it had been shut down or be eating and they're buying real trouble and the same thing with whatever your class because and so forth they the gas stations you are we are very cleverly thrown in the pot dispensaries there Antioch and Planned Parenthood but you know as well as I do we can't turn those places into in the ballot centers out and build what it you know it's all about you that we can have polling places safely operating from exactly because all these other places you just described are open and operating safely with no mass death and no mass numbers of cases that's right it's just rescue they want it they just they wanted it and read this is California where they don't need to treat they don't even need to change in California and yet they're oriented towards it but I think they're bugs because the mail in ballot in California twenty five the Republicans won the district because why because Republican turnout will always defeat do not doubt me Republican turnout of its massive will defeat Democrats efforts it fraud and cheating rush.

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California, Fraud And Walmart discussed on Rush Limbaugh

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