Mid-Hudson Reopens Tuesday, Long Island On Wednesday: Cuomo


The Hudson Valley and Long Island are both getting the green light to start the re opening now governor Cuomo's is more resources are being focused on the five boroughs of New York City to bring its numbers down further into get the re opening going in the city W. CBS reporter Steve burns with the update from the governor if you see a hot spot you have to be ready says governor Cuomo and we literally can now focus on those areas by zip code they are zeroing in on the hardest hit areas mostly minority communities he says and we want to slow the infection rate even in those communities and that will really bring the numbers down in New York City Cuomo also wants to in his words super charge these re openings if there's ever a time to actually take on this over do need a major infrastructure construction now is the time he says work is accelerating at Penn station and LaGuardia airport plus he has a meeting scheduled with president trump on Wednesday where he says

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