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There was a lot of that and you know that you hit the nail on the head like it


Mean is that like nobody actually really invite lance Armstrong in the entire documentary except lance Armstrong he does a great job of of you showing that he's a hell of an interesting personality but for me I kind of just do like man he's really he's really struggling with life yeah I I'll let you go with this Johnson Johnson voters on the moment here on ESPN radio and ESPN app I mean for me like I mean look I you you made the choice to dope because you laid it out I mean you went from being really good to to being kind of mediocre you've got a young son you've got a family I mean people make decisions that they later regret but I think the hard thing that at least I have with Lance Armstrong is it wasn't that he just told is that he literally tried to ruin the lives of people that would he thought would blow the whistle on him I mean two people in the cycling community if if you don't like lance is it more because of the way he does or or the way that he personally just seem to go after a lot of people that he thought could expose him well I mean you you hit the nail on the head I mean that that's that's the fundamental reason that eventually I came clean about lance and and but a lot of people that is that it's it's not it was like there are a lot of people that don't in that area

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There was a lot of that and you know that you hit the nail on the head like it

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