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To my way of thinking the big thing was that Nancy Pelosi


What Nancy Pelosi did this week speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi went after trump for taking hydroxy chloride one she was on with Anderson Cooper on CNN and C. essentially said the president is old in fact I am not we're gonna play the sound bite here in just a second but my question is is is that the kind of discourse that were allowed to have in our country now with Nancy Pelosi leading the way trump told the media he said he said looking and then A. T. said I would've told you earlier and turns out he's been taken I guess for a couple weeks I said I was told earlier but you know you never let me let me say anything they don't ask how those kind of questions so Nancy Pelosi is on with Anderson Cooper and here's exactly how she told it to Anderson Cooper as far as the president is concerned the at our present president and I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved of by the scientist especially in his age group and in his check was a weak group had that but he's morbidly obese they say so I idea I think that was it's not a good idea so there you go morbidly obese and his age groups all ages I'm going on there and you know she's saying the the president is morbidly obese I didn't know we were allowed to do such a thing I

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To my way of thinking the big thing was that Nancy Pelosi

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