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Safe by the sheriff's department


Reported six hundred fourteen new cases of the coronavirus Saturday slightly down over the last twenty four hours but after only thirty six new deaths on Friday there were eighty four reported today there are now over thirty one thousand four hundred total cases in the Buckeye state one thousand nine hundred fifty six residents have died in Kentucky one hundred forty eight new coronavirus cases were announced by governor Eddie Bashir in a statement said there were no new deaths reported over the last twenty four hours this year on Friday said they believe cover nineteen cases are just plateauing in the state but also declining the Indiana state department of health reported twenty one U. deaths along with five thirty thirteen new cases today the number of deaths were down over the last twenty four hours while new cases were slightly the up from Friday well there's a bird when there's a viral pandemic what's happening abroad is a concern everywhere's Brazil is the new epicenter of the operating models report being over run in graveyards force to expand

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Safe by the sheriff's department

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Safe in their own community attended by the people who work for them when

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